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_G. H. Q._

I recommend this application. As the G. O. C.-in-C. is aware _this Corps has done excellent work_.

(Signed) FRANCIS DAVIES, Lieutenant General, 4/10/15. Commanding 8th Corps.

3. _G. O. C. 8th Corps._

This leave is approved, the delay is greatly regretted, but has been unavoidable. The C.-in-C. has approved of a grant of one pound to each of these forty-five men _in consideration of the good work of the Corps_, and the Field Cashier is authorised to issue the cash.

(Signed) A. CAVENDISH, Colonel, 5/11/15. A. A. G., G. H. Q.

4. _Field Cashier._

Please note, and pass to O. C. Zion Mule Corps, who should return this memo to Corps Headquarters.

(Signed) C. D. HAMILTON MOORE, Lieutenant-Colonel for B. G., D. A.

and Q. M. G. 8th Army Corps.



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