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Chapter 1

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Even when the summer air was blowing, it is still hot and burning outside. Even from within the bones, there was a hot and uncomfortable feeling, but it still couldn’t stop the loud screams from fans within the concert!

   Everyone was shouting the same name, and madly admiring a single person’s performance.

   Today was the last stop of their celebrity Empress Shen Wei’s tour concert. Who knew that after this concert that their queen would become a myth of the entertainment circle and music circle!

   However, in the dressing room behind the stage, it was another scene. Shen Wei's entire face was as dead as she felt, her eye was screaming help, and her chin was buckling in the hands of a strong man.

   A tall black figure was half-bent in front of her. His voice was hoarse and low, full of excitement, yet craze. “Have you ever thought about having such a day?”

   “You…who are you… ”  Shen Wei asked confused and afraid.

   "Want to go out to the concert and make a goodbye to your fans? Shen Wei, you never think about others feelings, Now look at the present, you can barely talk, you feel dizzier by the second. I bet you wish you could return to the stage where the light shines?” The man chuckles. "That place can only belong to me!”.

  Her lower abdomen seemed to have been smashed by the man, and there was a violent pain. The slightly painful bow position she was placed in, had started feeling worse. It was impossible to even resist a little.

   “You have been reluctant to give me a chance for so many years. Now, there is a big chance in front of me. Do you know? I always wanted to succeed! Only I can stand on that peak! So, unfortunately, I can only sacrifice you!” The crazy and excited voice fell into sinking ears, she felt like she knew this person but did not know who. There was sweat all over her forehead.

   She bit her teeth and tried to reach out her fingers. She was just about to write something on the floor, but her palm was slammed on!

   “You can rest assured that as long as you have passed on today, your desire to retreat from the entertainment industry will be realized!”

  After the man finished speaking, he stomped on her hand again. Shen Wei's body was stunned by the pain.

   Only when she looked up again, the man took his foot away and hurriedly towards the door.


   “You have already taken her down? I didn’t expect that you could really stay in that position of this so-called entertainment circle for such a long time!”

A  familiar female voice came from outside the door, with a little coldness and a slight sigh. Unsure of why, but the voice of this woman, she feels inexplicably familiar.

   “Ah, I have done as you commanded, and now help me in front of those people? I did as I promised, now you must complete your promise to me!" said the man.

   A man’s mood seems a little excited, and Shen Wei finally knew who was the main instigator behind this murder.

   In the background of the concert, the man’s face was hidden in the shadows, and the black pupils reflected the cold and fierceness within his heart.  He had a cold smile on his face.

   He has said that this entertainment circle can only be his!

   “Five, four, three, two…”

   “One.” The last countdown was mixed with the moment when the sound of the excitement rang through the air. The fans excited about seeing their idol. When suddenly, there was a loud bang in the entire concert!

   “No!” The screaming screams lingered in the throats of the fans. in the next second, a huge shock came through. The huge shock instantly made Shen Wei understand what was happening.

   Fire lit up the sky like fireworks, and the center of the entire concert venue became a sea of ​​fire almost instantly. The fire quickly began to spread, and the entire venue was covered in flames in the blink of an eye.

Boom ゞ◎Д◎ヾ

Fans started panicking and rushing out of the concert hall.     

“! Explosion! The concert stage exploded! Shen Wei! She hasn’t appeared yet!”

“Flee, escape! It’s going to collapse now!”

“Save my child! Ring the alarm!”


Cries, noise, and the trembling of the horror were so loud that it overwhelmed the previous excitement. Changing a pleasant night into a horror movie.

In the chaos, a black car quickly left the murder scene, and no one found it suspicious.

On September 1st, 2015, the Chinese Empress Superstar Shen Wei was pronounced dead.

Later, The event was identified as a fire caused by a short circuit in the system. As for the explosion, it was from a machine from within the stage. It was labeled as an accident. No further investigation was made.

The beginning of her new life  (♡ >ω< ♡).

Shen Wei awakens to feeling everything in pain, it feels like being torn. Every cell in her body was screaming. Suddenly there seemed to be a light and the pain stopped.

   Shen Wei was stiff but opened her eyes.

   Sudden light made Shen Wei 's eyes hurt.  Squinting for a while, she was able to see where she was.

  Around her was a white room with dense cobwebs on the ceiling and simple furniture. A table, a chair, a TV, a bed, this is everything in the room, and at this moment, she was lying on this bed.

   There was a slight tingling sensation from her wrist, the glare of the red made her tiny pupils slightly shrink. A deep scratch was visible on her skin. It was so deep that it showed the bones, a fruit knife on the side, with obvious blood stains on it.

   All of this is telling Shen Wei an indisputable fact that she was lying in bed and committing suicide.


   If she remembered correctly, she should have died in the concert because of the explosion. How can she be committing suicide in bed?

 There was a rush of heat in her mind, and she was suddenly overwhelmed by Shen Lei’s mind.

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