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9. The pretty little boy (9)

Pretty little boy? He's clearly a little demon king!

Qi Baoer was tired, but she still couldn't get angry at this dumpling-like little kid.

She was still considered a special forces soldier, so how could she lower herself to argue with a little kid?

Sighing helplessly, she took out another piece of chocolate

Sigh, this was the last piece. If she really crossed through time, then she'll never be able to eat such deliciousness again…

So painful! Looking at the rain filled pear like 'dumpling' again, she threw caution to the wind!

"Here, this is the last piece. As long as you stop crying, this one's yours."

Qi Baoer waved the chocolate in front of the little kid with a very tempting voice.

The little kid suddenly stopped crying as he stretched out a hand: "Okay, I'm not crying anymore, gimme that!"

Qi Baoer's brain momentarily stopped working.

Th, this little kid changed attitudes too fast!

He's even more fickle than the month of June!

However, this damned kid finally stopped his devilishly penetrating noise.

And allowed her to slightly let out a breath of relief.

She waved that chocolate and lectured sternly: "As a man, even if you bleed, you can't cry. Look at you, didn't even get hurt and you cry. Not manly at all."

The little kid lowered his head, his long eyelashes obstructing his eyes as he reflected for a while.

Then he began to stamp his feet and angrily pointed at her: "You're the one who bullied me because I'm young…"

Qi Baoer sweated a little.

After a snort, she slapped the kid on the head: "Dumpling, it's because you're young that I didn't bother to argue with you. Otherwise, hmph, hmph!"

The little kid smirked: "Otherwise what? As expected, I am the grownup. You still dare to bully me?"

Qi Baoer shoot him a glance and said coolly: "If you're a grownup and you're this disrespectful and shameless to me, I'll beat the crap out of you…"

If this little kid was a grownup, she would've already been on guard against him!

The little kid started giggling.

A trace of mischief flashed through his beautiful eyes: "If I grew up, you wouldn't be able to beat me…"

Qi Baoer only thought that it was a mere child's unacceptable bragging, so she did not lower herself to argue with him.

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