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89. Little Louer, I still feel a bit weak

Even eggs could talk, and they even had an additional pair of wings!

She wondered whether they egg yolk would come out of she broke them open…

Qi Luoer was a bit puzzled as she pondered.


Bai Li who had always been sprawled on the ground suddenly groaned, and opened her eyes.

After seeing her awaken, Qi Luoer let out a breath of relief and temporarily ignored the two eggs as she supported Bai Li up: “How are you?”

Bai Li blinked misty eyes at her: “Little Luoer, were you the one who saved me? I just knew that you’re so good to me, I’m liking you more and more…”


This fellow was so sappy as soon as she woke up!

Qi Luoer’s entire body trembled with goosebumps: “How are you? Feeling any better?”

Bai Li slowly sat up and laughed as she looked at Qi Luoer: “I was about to die, but once I felt Little Luoer’s kiss, I suddenly revived.”


Black lines hung down on Qi Luoer’s head. That was artificial respiration, alright? Who kissed her?

Her own sexual orientation was normal, she talked as if she was a ‘lesbian’!

Eh, wait a minute!

When I was giving her artificial respiration, I didn’t even feel a pulse when she was unconscious, how did she know I ‘kissed’ her?

Could it be that this girl’s not the same as normal people? To actually be conscious in that kind of condition?

When she glanced at Bai Li again, she saw that her face had already recovered its complexion. Her cheeks were delicate and soft, making one itch to take a bit.

She recovers quite fast!

Don’t know if that’s because of the godly effect of the fruit or something special about her body?

She muttered to herself. Suddenly, the ground below her shook, and the surrounding atmosphere had a trace of an odd sound…

What happened? Did another monster appear?

Qi Luoer casually placed the three fruits in her sleeves and softly cried: “Careful!” She waite with rapt attention.

Bai Li’s face suddenly paled, her soft body timidly leaned on Qi Luoer’s body: “Little Louer, I still feel a bit weak, wuu…”

Qi Luoer was stunned. Could it be that the remaining poison had not been purged?

Before this thought had finished passing through her mind, the space around her began to warp.

Bang! The ground resounded, and the surrounding scenery suddenly changed.

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