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86. Artificial respiration

Qi Louer knew that this snake’s venom would be extremely overbearing. Her heart thumped wildly, fearing that she would accidently fumble.

Test her breathing first…

Not breathing!

Then felt her pulse, her pulse had also stopped!

Died?! No way!

How can this sort of bad person die?

Qi Louer’s tears nearly began to flow.

She had learned first aid treatment in the special forces.

Regardless of the consequences, she had to first lay her down flat. Then, she untied her clothing, and half her towering snow white breasts were exposed…

She couldn’t find any gauze in this place, so Qi Louer could only rip a piece of Bai Li’s clothing. She placed it at Bai Li’s mouth, and helped her do artificial respiration…

She continued to do this twenty or thirty times until Bai Li’s chest finally began to slightly move up and down as she gradually regained her breath.

However, her face was still purple, she resembled a swollen eggplant.

Qi Louer knew that if she didn’t cure this venom, Bai Li was still in danger.

Even though, her knapsack had some medicine, she didn’t bring it up the mountain.

Since that’s the case, she could only quickly go down the mountain!

She gritted her teeth. Just as she was about to carry Bai Li on her back, she suddenly heard a voice state: “Hey, if you don’t cure the snake venom, she’ll die.”

This voice was that boy’ voice. It was only a voice, for there was no one in sight.

“Yeah, yeah, you have to cure the snake venom.”

That girl’s voice parroted.

Qi Louer no longer cared where these voices came from. She asked: “I didn’t bring any medicine to cure snake venom, how do I cure it?”

“Cloud Fruit is exactly the bane of this Tourmaline Serpent, try to feed her a Cloud Fruit.”

That little girl’s voice said.

Qi Louer was delightfully stunned.

She quickly flew, hopping up that big tree, and casually picked off a few vermilion colored Cloud Fruits.

Scared that Bai Li couldn’t swallow well when unconscious, she chewed the Cloud Fruit into little pieces and stuffed it into Bai Li’s mouth.

Fortunately, Bai Li was not completely unconscious and knew how to swallow.

And that Cloud Fruit was especially juicy, its pulp was especially smooth and soft. Not long after, an entire Cloud Fruit had already been pushed in.

This Cloud Fruit was indeed the bane of the snake venom, the purple on Bai Li’s charming face slowly vanished…

Qi Louer slightly let out a breath of relief. She had finally snatched back Bai Li’s little life!

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