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85. The relationship between eating and getting eaten (4)
Qi Louer broke out in cold sweat. If she had been hit by that sweep, even if she didn’t die, her bones and muscles would definitely break! “Hey hey, don’t randomly look around for us, you can’t see us. Hurry up and stab its wart with the Cloud Fruit branch!” That boy’s voice sounded once again with an experienced tone of voice. Qi Louer didn’t bother to think anymore, and lifted the branch in her hand to attack its wart. Even though that python’s body was big and robust, its movements were actually exceptionally nimble. It tightly protected the wart on its head. Qi Louer continued to attack, yet they were all evaded… Qi Louer was as impatient as fire, she knew that if she didn’t take care of this python, she couldn’t go see if Bai Li was safe. And Bai Li was within the poison mist. The longer she took, the hope of her surviving would diminish. She had continually been on the move this entire night, and was already utterly exhausted. But now, she could only clench her teeth and endure, as sweat drenched her clothes. It was as if her entire person had been fished out of the water, she was nearly steaming… The Bai Li lying on the ground was pale, as she secretly cracked opened her eyes. When she saw Qi Louer’s conditions, a hint of a guilty yet conflicting light flashed through her eyes… She slightly twitched her finger, launching an streak of invisible aura at the python! Qi Louer was currently fighting as if her life depended on it, and suddenly felt the surroundings grow cold. It was as though an invisible anger permeated the environment as all the hairs on her body stood erect! Was another huge vicious beast nearby, lying in wait? Qi Louer was shocked, if another monster came, then really couldn’t take it! That python slightly trembled and its movements slightly slowed by a bit. Qi Louer was best at seizing opportunities, and rapidly find the enemy’s opening. She reacted nearly instantly, as she thrust the tree branch at the python, bringing along the sharp sound of the wind. It was as if that python was bound in place by an invisible thing. It wanted to evade, yet its movements had slowed by more than half. “Thud!” Red mist splashed everywhere as Qi Louer’s branch was deeply stabbed into the wart above its head! The green python’s huge body twitched, then fell down with a bang. Qi Louer didn’t bother to check to see if it was dead as she ran over to Bai Li’s front. Bai Li’s complexion was light purple and a single stream of blood was at the corner of her mouth as she motionlessly land there.

End of battle! Chapter 85.

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