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84. The relationship between eating and getting eaten (3)

She saw that python open its huge mouth. It was as if Bai Li was being dragged in by something invisible as she 'flew' into the enormous python's mouth.

Qi Louer was shocked.

Under her great urgency, she broke off the thick branch in her hands!

And flew down.

The thick branch in her hands danced like a tornado, directly advancing for the python's mouth!


That python was preoccupied with sucking in Bai Li, so it didn't have time to evade. Qi Louer's branch was directly inserted into its enormous mouth.

Blood splattered everywhere as the python's tail flailed about in pain, swinging squarely at Qi Louer!

Qi Louer had already anticipated this move. She lifted the tree branch up as she jumped, and the green python's huge tail swept under her feet.

Even though this move severely injured this python, it increasingly aroused its violent nature, as it continued to spray out poisonous mist.

Its huge body wriggled and swept, creating a gust of wind, cause bits of grass and dirt on the meadow to fly about…

Qi Louer had no time to deal with that, she had to guard against its poisonous mist, pay attention to its attacks, and also worry about Bai Li's safety.

When Bai Li had fallen, she still continued to be silent, it was not known whether she was alive or not.

Qi Louer wanted to dash over to have a look, yet couldn't leave from this python's attacks….

She was anxious and burning with rage, she didn't have a single strategy at all!

She seriously didn't know how to solve this, and then she heard a delicate voice come over: "Eh, this girl isn't that simple, she could actually snap off the branches of the Cloud Fruit Tree."

The sound was tender and lovely, as though it came from a small girl.

"Mn, it's really weird. Wasn't it said that even Purple Cloud Clan's Instructors couldn't even do that? How could this girl do that? Look, her spiritual power isn't even high!"

Another voice sounded, this one somewhat deeper, as if it came from a boy.

Once these two children's voices suddenly came, Qi Louer was shocked, and quickly looked all around, but didn't see a single shadow.

Was she being haunted?!

This distraction wasn't that serious, but she narrowly avoided a head on collision with the python's sweeping tail.

With a whoosh, the python's enormous tail swept at the big tree, causing that huge tree to shake incessantly.

Qi Louer broke out in cold sweat. If she had been hit by that sweep, even if she didn't die, her bones and muscles would definitely break!

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