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83. The relationship between eating and getting eaten (2)

Its body was thick as a bucket with a large wart on its head. Its two strange eyes flashed with a cold light as it opened its mouth wide, as though it wanted to swallow Qi Luoer and company whole!

Qi Luoer had no time to think.

Carrying Bai Li, she rapidly dodged, causing the python to hit nothing but air.

Qi Louer’s heart thumped wildly.

She had never seen such a thick python before.

Heaven’s it couldn’t have ascended to become a celestial, right?!

She felt all over her body, but didn’t feel anything that could possibly be used as a weapon.

Heavens, they all say to hit the snake where it’s most vulnerable.

But how could she hit it without a weapon?

She can’t just charge in barehandedly, right?!

That python threw pounced in the air in a rage as its very red tongue slithered in and out. It’s tail directly came sweeping over!

Qi Louer leapt, directly flying to the very top of that huge tree, reaching out a hand to grab onto a branch, and shook in midair like a swing.

Temporarily safe for now, Qi Louer let out a slight breath of relief.

Suddenly, she heard Bai Li’s shout from below the tree: “Aiyo, not good! Little Louer, save me!”

It was a voice full of terror, and was shocking to the ear.

Qi Louer was throw into disorder by her. Even though she knew that Bai Li knew martial arts, she didn’t know the depths of her power.

And since she knew that Bai Li was gutless, she really might’ve been frightened by the python.

As she quickly looked down, she only saw Bai Li running and leaping, being chased by that green python, like rain hitting flowers.

At every instant, she somehow avoided the green python’s life threatening attack…

As expected, she’s still playing with me!

Just as Qi Louer climbed up that branch, she sat on the fork of the tree and watched Bai Li ‘bounce’.

Didn’t she want to play?

Then she’ll watch how long she’ll play for!

She watched the green silhouette struggle in a stalemate with the white silhouette. Qi Louer stood up on the branch, engrossed in watching the bustle.

“Aiyo, not good!”

Bai Li cried yet again.

Following this surprised cry, that green python opened its huge mouth as a silver colored thread sprayed out.

Bai Li seemed to not evade it in time and was hit directly by the silver thread as she yelled in surprise, falling to the floor!

All of this happened too fast, so fast, that no one could react in time.

She saw that enormous python open its huge mouth. It was as if Bai Li was being dragged in by something invisible as she ‘flew’ into the enormous python’s mouth.

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