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81. The relationship between eating and getting eaten

Following the 'bang, bang' sound, the flesh of the fruit rapidly disappeared…

The strange thing was that nothing could be seen.

Bai Li cried out in alarm: "Ghost!"

She hid behind Qi Luoer.

Black lines appeared on Qi Luoer's face.

This girl, she clearly practised martial arts, yet she still wanted to act!

However, at this moment she couldn't address Bai Li's 'false identity'.

Her complete attention had been attracted by that sound.

The fruit had already been nibbled on till nearly nothing was left, it seemed as if something had eaten it very happily.

Clenching her teeth, Qi Luoer extended her hand to pick the fruit up.

Instead, she was pecked twice by something, leaving two red marks on the back of her hand.

One on the left, one on the right, they were completely symmetrical.

Swoon, what was this?

Qi Luoer's curiosity won over any fear that she had.

Almost mischievously, she grabbed the fruit that only had a bit of pulp left over.

With this grasp, she surprisingly felt two smooth things hanging on the pit!

That texture was unexpectedly quite similar to that of an egg!

She blanked for a while, and her hands suddenly went limp.

The sound of something rustling sounded as the fruit pit that only had a bit of pulp left over fell on the floor, and the shadow disappeared.

Feeling the pit again, she was unable to feel the two slippery round things anymore.

Qi Luoer was dumbfounded, she didn't know where to look.

What exactly was that thing? It actually knew how to turn itself invisible?!

Behind her, a glimmer flashed past Bai Li's eyes.

She suddenly moved, her posture incomparably graceful as she directly flew up that strange big tree.

She extended her hand and picked a fruit. Just after she picked the fruit, as if she had been scalded by something, Bai Li suddenly cried out in fear, and fell straight down!

Qi Luoer got a fright.

Fortunately she was quite close by, with a flash, she received Bai Li in her embrace.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a dark green shadow pouncing downwards!


It was actually a python!

Its body was thick as a bucket with a large wart on its head. Its two strange eyes flashed with a cold light as it opened its mouth wide, as though it wanted to swallow Qi Luoer and company whole!

Qi Luoer had no time to think. Carrying Bai Li, she rapidly dodged, causing the python to hit nothing but air.

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