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80. For Little Luoer, I'm willing to risk my life!

She had never seen or heard of this type of fruit before, what if it was toxic?

They were so deep in the mountains, there were no doctors around!

She gave Bai Li a look: "Do you recognize this fruit?"

Bai Li laughed as if it was extremely harmless. In an environmentally friendly way, she directly shook her head: "Don't recognize!"

Swoon! So this fellow was letting her eat first as a test!

She knew that Bai Li wouldn't be so kind!

Qi Luoer raised her arm and tossed the fruit back: "I don't want to eat this, you should enjoy it yourself."

Receiving the fruit, Bai Li gasped: "Ai, this fruit looks just like the vermillion fruit from the legends, I heard that when eaten by ordinary people, it can increase their strength by sixty years worth of power, Little Luoer, are you really not going to eat it?"

Black lines slid down Qi Luoer's face: "Looks just like? What if it isn't? What if this fruit isn't the vermillion fruit but a poisonous fruit?"

Bai Li puffed her chest out: "Is it poisonous? Then let me try it first! For Little Luoer, I'm willing to risk my life!"

With a crunch, she bit into the fruit in her hands!

Qi Luoer hadn't expected her to really eat it without any hesitation, it gave her a huge fright.

Without thinking, she extended her hand and hit the fruit out of Bai Li's hand: "Idiot! Why did you really eat it? What if it's poisonous?"

A look of astonishment flashed across Bai Li's face.

Following that a smile blossomed on her face, she softly replied: "Little Luoer indeed loves me dearly, I'm touched to death. But for little Luoer, even if I was poisoned to death I would still die happily……"

After associating with her for two days, Qi Luoer was already used to her ambiguous and scary way of speaking.

Taking a look at her complexion, Bai Li's skin was still pink and tender, there seemed to be no indications of being poisoned.

Qi Luoer felt slightly reassured, it seemed like this fruit wasn't poisonous and could be eaten.

Raising her head, she looked at that bizarre large tree, wanting to pick a few.

The sound of something being crushed resounded through the quiet night.

Bang! Bang! Bang! bang!

It sounded like a woodpecker pecking at a tree.

What's that?

Looking toward the source of the noise, Qi Luoer was immediately stunned!

The fruit that had previously been hit to the ground looked as if it was being pushed.

Following the 'bang, bang' sound, the flesh of the fruit rapidly disappeared…

The strange thing was that nothing could be seen.

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