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8. The pretty little boy (8)

Quickly loosening her grip, she rubbed the little kid's head: "Okay, okay, good boy, don't cry…"

"You're bullying me, wuuu, you're not a good person…"

That little kid didn't have the power to withdraw his tears as he pointed at her, as if accusing her of child abuse.

Qi Baoer only felt like there was a huge sweatdrop behind her head.

She rummaged through her knapsack and took out a lollipop: "Good boy, don't cry anymore, I'll give you a lollipop."

This lollipop was the best thing to do to coax a child. Nine out of ten children will smile through tears because of it.

But unexpected, this little kid didn't fall for it. After eyeing the lollipop in her hands, he closed his eyes and continued to cry: "Wuuu, you're an evil spirit monster who bullies little children…"

Qi Baoer clenched her teeth and went for broke.

Rummaging through her knapsack again, she took out her most favorite—— Dove chocolate.

She waved it in front of the little kid: "Guess what this is? Chocolate! Try it, it's really smooth, really silky, and really sweet…"

Qi Baoer had even used the phrase from the television commercial, only hoping that this brat before her eyes would close his 'faucet'.

She had no resistance against this little child's tears.

Let alone such an outrageously beautiful child's tears which soured her heart and nearly made herself want to cry too.

She knew that this ancient clad child had no idea how chocolate tasted.

Quickly unpeeling the package, she broke off a chunk and squeezed it between the kid's mouth.

That little kid tightly closed his mouth and took a step back.

He continued to sob and sniffle: "What… What is that black thingy? You want to poison me to eat my meat, wuuu, I heard it from Mother, evil spirit monsters particularly like to eat little children meat…"

Wh, what kind of logic was that?!

He thought she was the White Bone Demon or something?

Totally the saying that 'no good deed goes unpunished'!

Qi Baoer restrained herself from her urge to roll her eyes as she put that chunk of chocolate in her mouth.

Little wimp, why won't you eat such yummy thing that I gave you.

That's just your own bad luck, I can't bear to give it to you to eat anyway…

Seeing that she really liked eating it, the little kid curled his lip and cried even harder: "Bad woman, hogging yummy things to yourself…"

Qi Baoer only felt that her brain had gotten larger.

This little wimp, matching everything to his own rationale, huh?

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