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79. It’s so late at night, why did you try and look for me?

Looking at Bai Li that had followed behind her: “Where is this? How did you end up here?

Bai Li ran her fingers through her hair, the action was ever so casual. She smilingly replied: “After Little Luoer abandoned me and left, I didn’t feel at ease, so naturally I chased after you.

But you ran too fast, in the blink of an eye you had already disappeared.

I searched and searched, without knowing how, I found this place.

After that, I saw Little Luoer being depressed and about to commit suicide…”

“Isn’t it all because I was looking for you? It’s already so late at night, why did you try and look for me? Couldn’t you have gone to sleep yourself?”

Qi Luoer was extremely annoyed.

Little Luoer, so the reason you were trying to commit suicide was because you were so worried about being unable to find me, uu, you’re so good to me… Little Luoer, I keep liking you more and more.”

Bai Li’s brows bent, and smiled more vividly than than the lake’s water.

A tinge of pink floated up onto her pretty cheek. However, no matter how one looked, her eyes that had curved into crescent moons did not display any shyness.

“Good my ass! Only a fool would be good to you!”

Goosebumps appeared all over Qi Luoer’s body. Geez, would it kill her to not speak so ambiguously?

Pervert! This girl was absolutely a pervert!

Clenching her fists, Qi Luoer breathed in deeply, she had to remain calm, no matter what she had to remain calm!

Mysteriously crossing over to another world was already tragic.

If she developed a heart disease from this lesbian, then that would be ‘tableware’…

(TL: This is a pun, the words used for tragic in that sentence also could be cupware.)

A vermillion fruit was suddenly handed to her: “Little Luoer, don’t be angry anymore, here, eat a fruit.”

Qi Luoer glanced at the fruit.

The fruit resembled both an apple and a pear, it’s outline was similar to that of a person’s. On it’s ‘head’ was a little pink flower, it looked extremely cute.

It was precisely the fruit that grew on that strange big tree.

She lifted her head and looked up, she could distantly see that there were still several dozen fruits on the big tree.

The fruits swayed gently in the breeze, like little people playing on a swing.

After rushing about for an entire night, Qi Luoer had started to feel a bit hungry. She received the fruit and opened her mouth to take a bite.

Suddenly, she thought back to the wilderness survival course she had attended in the army.

Regarding the plants in the wilderness, the brighter their colours were, the more toxic they were.

She had never seen or heard of this type of fruit before, what if it was toxic?

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