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78. Beauty saving the hero

“Isn’t it all because I was trying to look for you?! Bai Li, where were you just now? Making me look for you! Who knows where this rotten lake suddenly appeared from, causing me to fall in…

Qi Luoer replied resentfully.

Giving Bai Li another glance and seeing that she was perfectly fine, the worry in her heart finally disappeared.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Inadvertently lowering her head, she just so happened to see the ribbon around her waist.

Her heart moved, she suddenly lifted her head: “Bai Li, you’re the one who saved me?!

Bai Li smiled widely: “It’s just as you see. Little Luoer, this time, you owe me once again for saving your life…”

Qi Luoer blanked.

She looked at the ribbon, then looked at Bai Li, who was smiling carefreely again. Her eyes opened wide with surprise: “Bai Li, you know martial arts?”

Hadn’t she always been weak?

How did she have such great arm strength?

Bai Li nodded her head, an ‘of course’ expression could be seen on her face: “Of course I do, you only found out now?”

Qi Luoer was furious, so this fellow had always been disguising herself as a pig to eat a tiger!

She had thought that Bai Li didn’t know anything and repeatedly protected her, it turned out that she had been putting on a play all along!

With a humph: “If you knew martial arts why did you pretend that you were weak? Was it your intention to make a fool out of me?

Bai Li delicately pointed her finger: “When did I say I didn’t know any martial arts? Little Luoer was willing to be the beauty that rescued the hero, I was just matching your actions, now you’re even blaming me, I feel extremely hurt…

With an extremely grieved expression on her face, it seemed as if she was deeply hurt.

Qi Luoer shuddered viciously.

This Bai Li really seemed to find being corny amusing. She really didn’t want to talk to her anymore, lest she be angered to death!

Glaring at her once more, she turned and walked away.

Only after taking two steps did she realise that the surrounding scenery was completely foreign to her.

On the shore of the lake there was a clump of extremely tall trees.

She didn’t know what this species of tree this was, the branches and leaves grew extremely densely and appeared to be a strange extremely bright silver.

The tree bore a vermillion coloured fruit that was partially hidden within the leaves.

Under the hazy moonlight, it shone with an alluring luster.

Qi Luoer’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly. In her whole life, the number of types of trees she had seen was more than the types of grains she had eaten.

But she had never before seen such a strange species.

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