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77. Ass up goose style

She looked downwards with great difficulty.

Within the whirlpool, there were definitely no fish demons or wild beasts.

Where did this immense force come from?

She held her breath as she struggled frantically

The more she struggled, the faster she sank, it seemed as if she was just about to be dragged into the whirlpool.

Her heart sank: "Who would've thought that I would drown to death here!"


The sound of water could be heard, immediately following that, she felt something constricting her waist, as if it had been bound by something.

She was shocked.

Before she had any time to react, her body was dragged upwards at a great speed by that thing .


With a loud splash, she flew out of the water as if she was a big fish that had been caught by a fisherman.

Cutting an arc in the sky, she landed on the grassy shore with a crash!

Fortunately she knew martial arts, with great effort she managed to adjust her body as she was falling.

Narrowly escaping the disastrous outcome of landing on her head.

Instead, she landed in an ass up goose style!

(TL note: Basically she landed in an upside down OTZ position with her hands and legs in the air)

As she regained awareness of her situation, a sharp knifelike pain shot up her nerves to her brain.

The sensation spread to pain receptors all over her body…

"God, my butt!"

Jumping up from the ground, her hands subconsciously covered the source of her pain.

Her tears nearly rushed out. Through her fuzzy vision, she saw a white-clothed woman standing opposite her.

Female ghost? Celestial?

Shaking her head, her vision finally refocused——

Bai Li?!

Standing on the opposite side was the Bai LI that Qi Luoer had been searching all over for!

She stood there charmingly, her posture relaxed and languid.

She held a white ribbon in her hand and the other end was coiled around Qi Luoer's waist…

"Little Luoer, why did you try to commit suicide? Are you depressed about something?"

One could tell from Bai Li's eyes that she seemed to have predicted something

Swoon! Who was trying to commit suicide?

If she hadn't been trying to look for her, how would she have mysteriously been swallowed up by this lake that appeared out of nowhere?

The main cause of the disaster was this great beauty before her eyes!

"Isn't it all because I was trying to look for you?! Bai Li, where were you just now? Making me look for you! Who knows where this rotten lake suddenly appeared from, causing me to fall in…

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