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76. Where could she have gone so late at night?

Looking around the vicinity, Qi Luoer even went to the latrines to have a look.

Because she was afraid of alarming the others, she didn’t dare call out loudly.

There was no sign of Bai Li in the surroundings, causing her to feel extremely worried.

This girl really didn’t let one have any peace of mind!

It was already so late at night, where could she have gone?

Could it be….

She suddenly felt a bad premonition in her heart: “Don’t tell me that she was so afraid of being alone that she went to look for me?!

Bai Li’s miserable eyes seemed to appear before her, causing her heart to sink.

Damn it! This White Cloud Mountain was so big, where could she have gone to find her?

She felt some regret in her heart, if she had known this would happen, she wouldn’t have left Bai Li by herself and went to practise!

Could she have secretly followed her up the mountain?

Who knew if there were any wild animals in the mountain, if a frail and timid little girl like her met any wild animals…

Unable to keep her cool, Qi Luoer turned and started running up the mountain.

The mountain wind blew, causing whooshing sounds to emit from the bamboo forest. Even though it was summer, the wind at night still brought with it a slight chill.

As she climbed upwards, Qi Luoer constantly called out softly.

But the forest was quiet, basically no traces of Bai Li could be found.

Having already travelled this route, she could naturally do it again with ease. Without much effort, she had returned to the meadow.

Within the meadow, not a single person’s shadow could be seen.

Not giving up, she walked along the meadow.

The ground under her foot suddenly sank. As if she had stepped into a void, she subconsciously jumped up.

The scene before her eyes suddenly changed!

Where there had just been soft, dark green grass, a lake suddenly appeared.

There were dense blue ripples, and mist hung in the air.

With a shock, Qi Luoer discovered that more than half of her body was submerged in the lake!

What’s more, the lake water was freezing cold, it seemed as if the cold could enter a person’s bones.

As the freezing lake water enveloped her body from head to toe, Qi Luoer couldn’t help but shiver.

Just a moment ago as she entered the water, she had felt an immense force coming from beneath her, forcibly dragging her downwards.

Extending out her hands and feet, she tried to swim upwards. However, that attractive force was too great, it felt as if it were an invisible rope that had firmly bound her hands and feet.

She looked downwards with great difficulty. Within the whirlpool there were definitely no fish demons or wild beasts.

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