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75. That was a lazy fellow

The ‘matter manipulation’ chant involuntarily floated up into her mind, the hand gestures transformed unceasingly following the chant.

Suddenly feeling a faint itch from her palm, the fortune-changing star slowly rose up in the air, whirling incessantly….

Ah, it succeeded?!

No one’s playing tricks on her this time right?

Qi Luoer opened her eyes wide and checked her sides.

Bamboo shadows danced, the night wind blew, her surroundings were silent, not a single person’s shadow could be seen.

Still not feeling reassured, she experimented a few more times.

The fortune-changing star flew up everytime.

Even though the flight was unstable, it was indeed flying under her control!

Without that sticky candy Bai Li’s meddling, she had indeed succeeded!

Qi Luoer was so excited she spun on the spot, the fortune-changing star followed her and also spun.

Conducting a few tests in succession, she succeeded every time.

Following the repeated experiments, her commands became even more precise.

After practising for a while, she took out her handphone and took a look, it was already two in the morning.

Would Bai Li have gone to sleep after she left?

That fellow was already so afraid of sleeping alone, now that she was alone in the dormitory, she was most likely too scared to sleep, right?

Having mastered matter manipulation, Qi Luoer was in a much better mood.

She started putting herself in Bai Li’s shoes.

She never expected that she had the potential to be a busybody, even after being being frequently angered by Bai Li, but for some reason she was worried about her.

Seeing the color of the sky, she hurriedly descended from the mountain.

Running back the entire way, she finally arrived back at her dormitory.

Worried that she might disturb Bai Li’s sleep, she breathed in and softly pushed the door open.

At a glance, one could see that the two beds within the room were still neatly made, not a single person could be seen…..

Qi Luoer stared blankly, her heart pounded!

Where could Bai Li have gone at this time?

Even though she had only known Bai Li for less two days, Qi Luoer completely understood her character, this fellow was extremely lazy! She definitely wouldn’t have gone out to practise alone like her, where could she have gone?

“Bai Li, Bai Li….”

Looking around the vicinity, Qi Luoer even went to the latrines to have a look.

Because she was afraid of alarming the others, she didn’t dare call out loudly.

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