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74. Destined man

Everyone said that celestials were omnipotent, who knew if she could return to her original world after becoming a celestial?

As Qi Luoer gazed down the mountain. Countless thoughts surged in her mind, she didn’t know what she was feeling in her heart.

Raising her hands, Qi Luoer was startled.

She had been preoccupied with practising the entire day and hadn’t paid any attention to her hands. Now, with an inadvertent glance, she couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Her palms were smooth and glossy with a slight flush, the original calluses and bloody blisters had disappeared without a trace!

What happened?

Qi Luoer unbelievingly took another glance, the bloody blisters were still gone, her little hands stood out even more.

Could this be caused by cultivating to be a celestial?

“Hehe, who would’ve thought that celestial cultivation would have a cosmetic effect, this is really unexpected.” A happy smile leaked out the corner of Qi Luoer’s mouth.

She looked at the fortune-changing star in her palm. Under the dim moonlight, the fortune-changing star shone with a faint blue light.

Taking in a long breath, Qi Luoer silently read the voice chants once through, verifying that there were no mistakes, she resumed practising….

Like before, it was still useless!

Exactly which part was it that had problems?

There was nothing wrong with her hand gestures, her voice chants were chanted without mistake, where was the problem?

Could it be that she was really talentless in spells?

Within her mind unexpectedly emerged that cold indifferent, otherworldly silhouette. She laid down in frustration.

If she couldn’t even pass this hurdle, Yun Hua definitely wouldn’t accept her, right?

Suddenly remembering the many stories about crossing over that she had read in the modern era, it seemed that the reason that a female lead crossed over was always to meet a male lead that was destined for her.

When she crossed over, the first man she had seen was him. (In her eyes, that little thieving brat naturally couldn’t be counted as a man.)

Could it be that he was her other half?

Qi Luoer suddenly felt her little face heat up, the corner of her mouth leaked out a bitter smile.

Yun Hua was a celestial that was far above her, for her to want to be like a celestial was a little unrealistic.

Lying on the tender grass, Qi Luoer felt like she was lying on a soft, dark green blanket, it was so comfortable she didn’t want to get up.

Folding her hands under her head, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the caress of the night breeze.

Encircled by a faint grassy smell, she emptied her mind.

The ‘matter manipulation’ chant involuntarily floated up into her mind, the hand gestures transformed unceasingly following the chant.

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