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73. Can’t deal with her, but can’t she hide?!

Hating herself for not being able to strangle her to death, she ignored her, turned and went out.

She wasn't able to deal with her, but couldn't she hide from her?!

Bai Li was instantly stunned, her eyes flashed with a mysterious light as she smiled faintly. She had unexpectedly let her leave.

Night, as cool as water.

It was already late at night, the surroundings were pitch black. A crescent moon hung in the sky, and a few stars could be seen twinkling indistinctly.

Not far behind Qi Luoer's dormitory was a dense bamboo forest that extended all the way up the mountain.

The night wind whistled as it blew, causing a rustling sound to ring out from within the bamboo forest.

Qi Luoer was was bold and skilled. Even though the bamboo forest was quite eerie at night, she hiked upwards through it without any fear.

She definitely had to master this 'matter manipulation' by today.

She didn't believe that she wouldn't be able to subdue this little thing.

If the others could do it, she could do it too!

She didn't wish to disturb others but even more than that, she didn't want to get mocked by a certain person.

As she followed the stone path within the bamboo forest, her field of vision suddenly widened as a grassy meadow appeared before her.

Taking a long breath, she sat down.

Looking down from this height, her field of vision was exceptionally wide, the scenery below was plainly visible.

Under the dim light of the moon, Qi Luoer could see the scattered courtyards below, arranged in picturesque disorder.

They were precisely the residences that the new disciples were living in.

After such a busy day of classes, the majority of the disciple should've already entered slumberland, right?

The corner of Qi Luoer's mouth leaked out a bitter smile.

It had already been two days since she arrived in this world.

This past two days felt just like a dream!

A world of celestials!

What's more, she had unexpectedly crossed over to a world of celestials!

Qi Luoer breathed out a sigh, who knew if she would be able to return in this life?

Going missing while on an adventure, wouldn't her parents be worried to death?

Grandfather should be even more worried, his one and only darling granddaughter disappeared just like that, who knew how he would turn heaven and earth over to find her….

To her, the word celestial had originally been like the clouds floating in the sky.

They were existences far above her, something that didn't concern her in the slightest.

It turned out that celestials weren't that different from ordinary people, they also knew how to compete and would even pk…

Everyone said that celestials were omnipotent, who knew if she could return to her original world after becoming a celestial?

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