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72. This girl was too good at causing trouble

Qi Luoer felt the corner of her mouth twitch, glaring at Bai Li, she coldly replied: "You're really good at guessing!"

No longer wanting to continue with the useless talk, she lowered her head and continued struggling with the fortune-changing star.

Without knowing how much time had passed, under her constant urging, the fortune-changing star with her suddenly moved!

Eh, it moved?

Qi Luoer's heart jumped wildly. Holding her breath with rapt attention, she gently pointed her finger.

The fortune-changing star in her palm suddenly jumped, following her finger, it slowly rose up into the air….

"Ah, I managed to control the fortune-changing star!" Qi Luoer felt like she was going to explode from the joy in her heart.

She focused her complete attention on her finger.

After pointing the left, the fortune-changing star turned to the left and started shaking, pointing to the right, it once again gave her face and turned to the right…

"I finally did it, I finally did it! It turns out that I actually also have this so-called spirit power!

Qi Luoer smiled till her eyes could barely be seen, persisting with her efforts, she continued trying to manipulate the fortune-changing star….

Go left!

Eh, that's not right, why did it turn to the right?

Go right!

Sweat, it's flying to the left now!

Was this little thing purposely trying to make things difficult for her?!

Qi Luoer was furious, she pointed with all her might…

"Go up!"


"Go down!"


Qi Luoer was on the verge of tears. She had finally managed to make this little thing move, but why did it like butting heads with her so much?

Qi Luoer's face got blacker and blacker, the dark aura emitting from her got heavier and heavier…

Occasionally lifting her head, she saw Bai Li lying on her side on the couch with a lazy expression on her face.

With an extended finger, Bai Li followed her movements, the fortune-changing star in her palm moved up and down, left and right….

Swoon, so this fortune-changing star wasn't being directed by her, it was actually being directed by that meddling Bai Li!

Qi Luoer clenched her fists so hard that a cracking sound could be heard: "Bai Li! Is your skin feeling itchy again?! I don't mind tying you up into a rice dumpling!"

Qi Luoer's eyes swept the room at lightning speed, looking for a rope to tie Bai Li up with. This girl was too good at causing trouble!

Bai Li shrank back with a wronged expression on her face: "I, I just wanted to help you out."

"Help my ass!" Qi Luoer was unable to refrain to stop herself from cursing.

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