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71. You're really are good at guessing!

Holding the fortune-changing star in the palm of her hand, Qi Luoer uttered the voice chant as she unceasingly gestured with her finger…

As if it was trying to anger her, the fortune-changing star wouldn't budge no matter what.

Bai Li's eyes were hazy with sleepiness: "Can we go to sleep now? I'm really tired."

"Go to sleep if you're tired!" Qi Luoer replied without even raising her head.

"Uu, but I'm afraid of sleeping alone…" Bai Li said with a wronged face.

"What's there to be afraid of?! This is the Purple Cloud Clan's territory, there are no spirit monsters or hooligans around, you can sleep in peace."

Being disrupted from her chanting by Bai Li, Qi Luoer couldn't help but glare at her.

"How do you know there aren't any spirit monsters around?" Bai Li asked unhurriedly.

Unable to stand the constant disruptions, Qi Luoer snappily replied: "This is the celestial clan's territory, unless they're looking to die, which spirit would dare to enter? Aside from those that don't want to live!"

Bai Li laid on her side with a faint smile on her face: "White Cloud Mountain's celestial barrier is only able to prevent the little low level spirit monsters, they wouldn't be able to obstruct the true, big spirit monsters."

Qi Luoer stared blankly for a moment, eventually she lifted her head: "Who said that? How would you know?"

Bai Li squinted her eyes and stretched: "Does this even need to be said? White Cloud Mountain is only the Purple Cloud Clan's outer sect, the disciples here are all trash. They haven't even entered the clan, why would they put up a strong celestial barrier for?"

"Who said the disciples here were all trash?"

Wasn't Li Yu the head disciple?

“I heard that all spirit monsters have an evil aura, if any of them tries to enter, they will definitely be discovered." Qi Luoer was a little unconvinced.

A ray of light flashed within Bai Li's pupils. She laughed softly: "The more formidable spirit monsters would naturally arouse their attention.

But if they were strong to a certain extent, if they wished to conceal their presence, let’s not mention Li Yu, even the Clan Master of the Purple Cloud Clan may not necessarily be able to discover them."

The corner of Bai Li's mouth slanted into a smile as she said this indifferently.

Qi Luoer was startled, giving her a look; "How do you know that?"

Bai Li smiled and blinked her eyes, straightforwardly replying: "I guessed!"

Ah? She guessed?

Qi Luoer felt the corner of her mouth twitch, glaring at Bai Li, she coldly replied: "You're really good at guessing!"

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