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70. Dancing around as if they were having cramps

However, it was as if that ‘little star’ had its own personality. No matter how much she struggled, it remained motionless.

It lay quietly in Qi Luoer’s palm, as if it was mocking her for her incompetence.

Looking around at her other classmates, uu, a large majority of them were in the same situation as her.

Gesturing wildy at that little piece of paper, they danced and jumped around as if they were having cramps…

Only a few disciples that probably had a foundation in metaphysics were able to make their little stars rise up about half a foot after waving and talking to it for quite awhile.

There were also some the rose to about one foot, the star that rose the highest rose to about three feet in the air….

“Don’t tell me I’m a genius at martial arts but useless in the metaphysical?”

Despite trying her best for a long period of time, the little star stayed completely motionless, causing her to feel anxious and disheartened.


Suddenly, a little object with a blue luster flew past the end of her nose, giving her a fright. She lifted her head.

She saw Bai Li sitting there lazily, a jade-like finger moving faintly.

A blue crystal-like fortune-changing star followed her gestures, flying high and drooping low, turning left and right…..

Everyone was dumbstruck, who would’ve guessed that the delicate, pretty, timid, and fragile Bai Li would be a genius in the taoist arts!

Li Yu looked at Bai Li with a twinkle in his eyes. This was his first time seeing a student with such great natural aptitude…

Qi Luoer was naturally extremely envious of her, however, she was happy for Bai Li.

This fellow finally showed proficiency in a skill….

In her heart, she made a firm resolution, she would definitely put in more effort!

She would definitely prove herself to be the most outstanding disciple, win her bet with Yun Hua and make him accept her as his disciple!

The morning passed just like that.

The afternoon was spend doing physical training. Like before, they practised the horse stance, long distance running and so on.

By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted to the point of death, quite a few of the more spoiled girls were whining endlessly.


“Little Luoer, shouldn’t you go to sleep?” This was Bai Li’s third time calling her.

“En, I’ll sleep in a moment.”

Holding the fortune-changing star in her palm, Qi Luoer chanted the voice chants as she unceasingly gestured with her finger.

As if it was trying to anger her, the fortune-changing star wouldn’t budge n

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