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7. The pretty little boy (7)

That little kid slightly knitted his brows as a trace of disdain flashed past his eyes.

That gaze was as if he was seeing a big bad wolf trying to lure Little Red Riding Hood. Not only had he not been duped, he'd actually took a step back.

This little kid's cautiousness wasn't at a normal high!

Could he be a ginseng baby? Is he scared that I'll eat him?

Qi Baoer was scared of her own talented thinking, and then carefully sized up that little kid again.

Snow white arms and calves that look like tender lotus roots, they would make one want to pounce up to bite him.

But he didn't have that ginseng flower on his head, nor was he wearing that undergarment…

He shouldn't be one, right?

"Good boy, tell big sis, what's your name?"

As Qi Baoer's mouth talked, she slowly advanced step by step.

That little kid's eyes flashed with a faint light, then he suddenly turned around and starting running!

I can't just let him run away!

That was Qi Baoer's first reaction!

Almost by instinct alone, she charged forward.

That little kid's movements were quick and agile. He ran really fast, but sadly, he had the misfortune of being small and having short legs.

Even though he ran desperately, he could not escape from Qi Baoer's evil clutches, and was beautifully caught by her, then was pressed onto the ground!

Heh, got him in one move!

Looks like she hadn't been a special forces soldier in vain.

Qi Baoer was a bit proud of herself.

She turned the little kid around. She was also afraid of injuring the little kid, so she naturally controlled her power: "Speak, who are you? Where exactly is this place?"

"WAAH!" The little kid under her hands began to cry loudly. His crying shook the forest and startled countless birds.

Qi Baoer was also startled.

This, this little kid had always been calm and cocky. Why, why did he start crying now?

Did she hurt him by accident?

Seeing the little kid cry, Qi Baoer's heart secretly let out a breath of relief.

I know right, that's how a little kid's suppose to act.

Not only that, the little kid's pulse didn't seem to be some kind of evil spirit's; it was no different from any other little kid's.

She probably was overthinking it.

It was such a sin to look at such a pretty little kid cry.

Seeing his 'golden peas' tumble down from his eyes, Qi Baoer's heart slightly tightened.

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