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69. You wouldn’t be deceiving me right

Everyone felt excited. To be able to be the disciple of a head disciple, that was a very impressive thing.

What’s more, this instructor Li was still young, it could be said that he was as gentle as jade. Becoming his disciple was surely comparable to bathing in spring’s wind…

“Instructor Li, I want to be your disciple.”

“Instructor Li, me too….”

The constant chattering of the girls were louder than a flock of a hundred sparrows.

“Will Revered Superior Yun be accepting any disciples this time?”

An exceptionally clear, resonant voice suddenly suppressed the sound of the chatter.

Li Yu stared blankly for a moment, raising his head to take a look, he came into contact with Qi Luoer’s limpid eyes.

In this flock of various birds, this girl could not be regarded as beautiful, but she had a kind of clean and bright aura.

Her eyes in particular were very bright, comparable to the brilliance of a crystal….

He laughed faintly: “Revered Superior Yun hasn’t accepted a disciple for many years, this time shouldn’t be the exception.”

A ray of light flashed through Qi Luoer’s eyes as she replied with an ‘oh’. As she thought back to the bet she had made with Yun Hua, her heart jumped slightly: “Since he has long stopped accepting disciples, does this bet still count? He wouldn’t be deceiving me would he?”

During class, Li Yu gave a summary of the history of the Purple Cloud Clan and the six kingdoms.

Then, he finally said: “Since all of you are able to be seated here, it proves that your aptitude can be considered quite good, today I will teach you all ‘matter manipulation’, this is the Purple Cloud Clan’s most basic course, first, I will speak about the essential points and the chants…..”

After he finished explaining the essential points and the chants, as if his hand was a lily, he spread it open slightly.

In his palm appeared countless paper balls with a blue luster, their shape was quite similar to the lucky stars of the modern times.

With a wave, the ‘lucky stars’ flew up.

A ‘lucky star’ landed in the palms of every disciple.

“Using the vocal chants and mind incantations, you can make this fortune-changing star float up..”

Qi Luoer was speechless beyond compare.

The celestials of the Purple Cloud Clan wouldn’t be the ancestors of Ma Xiaoling right?

There was little difference between this object and Ma Xiaoling’s lucky stars.

She carefully sized up the ‘little star’ in her palm.

Reading out the chant, she followed Li Yu’s method and ordered the ‘little star’ to fly with all her might.

However, it was as if that ‘little star’ had its own personality.

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