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68. Potential gossip queen

Ignoring her, Qi Luoer found a seat and sat down.

Bai Li smilingly sat next to her.

Even though Bai Li appeared delicate and timid with little courage, she unexpectedly had the potential to become a gossip queen, more than half of the people in the class recognized her.

As they greeted her one by one, she took the chance to introduce Qi Luoer to them.

The first thing Qi Luoer had done when she had arrived was to start fighting for justice, going up against the most devious and crafty, Li Zhongzi.

After yesterday's incident, everyone already recognized her.

A majority of those who came here to become a celestial were already at a rather high level of cultivation, so they were able to get along quite well.

After just a moment of talking, everyone seemed to be quite well-acquainted with each other.

As the class was making a commotion, a young man walked in.

The man was dressed in blue robe, however, it wasn't the attire of a Taoist. His temperament was warm and gentle, with a scholarly air, as if he was a frail scholar.

Faintly nodding his head towards everyone: "Everyone, I am a fifty-eighth generation disciple of the Purple Cloud Clan, Li Yu. I am the instructor of this Gui class, from today onwards, I will be instructing you in basic Taoist knowledge."

Speaking with assurance and composure, his face was calm and his bearing was dignified.

"Ah, so you are Instructor Li Yu? I didn't expect that you would be so young!"

"Yeah, I heard you were a disciple of Revered Superior Yun."

A clamor of voices broke out in the classroom.

The reputation of this Li Yu had already resounded within the celestial world.

He was the head disciple of Revered Superior Yun Hua, and it was rumored that his celestial techniques were at a deity level. He practically had the worship and adoration of all the common people

In here, nine of ten would have heard of his name before.

No one expected that he would be such a kind and gentle person.

"Instructor Li, will you be accepting any disciples?"

"Instructor Li, do you know if there are any other instructors who will be accepting disciples this time?"

"Instructor Li, ……."

The class had practically descended into chaos.

Li Yu waved his hand, indicating them to be quiet.

Faintly smiling: "This time the Celestial Superiors have placed a great importance on all of you. They've instructed the disciples of the fifty-eighth generation to accept disciples, after the eight Great Elders have taken their pick, we will each choose a disciple out of your batch.

Everyone felt excited. To be able to be the disciple of a head disciple, that was a very impressive thing.

What's more, this instructor Li was still young, it could be said that he was as gentle as jade. Becoming his disciple was surely comparable to bathing in spring's wind…

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