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67. Turn into a supporting actress

Glancing at Qi Luoer, Bai Li saw that she was still struggling with her clothes.

The urge to laugh could be seen within her eyes: “Little Luoer, I’ll help you put on your clothes and you help me tie my hair alright?”

Sweat, why did that line sound so awkward?!

Embarrassment could be seen on Qi Luoer’s face: “The clothes here are a little odd, I, I’m just not used to them.”

Bai Li smiled a vague smile: “I’m also not used to them. We’ll get better at it in the future after putting them on a few more times.

By now, the distance separating them was extremely close, they were so close Qi Luoer could clearly see Bai Li’s long eyelashes, she could feel her warm breath…..

Qi Luoer’s face inexplicably heated up, this girl, her beauty was deadly against both males and females!

“Little Luoer, your body’s actually quite good.

As she helped her dress tidily, Bai Li stroked her chin, her eyes repeatedly sized Qi Luoer up.

Hmph, of course she could be considered a beauty too.

But standing side by side with Bai Li, this safflower could only turn into a supporting actress that enhanced Bai Li’s beauty!

“Great beauty Bai, compared to you I’m inferior. Alright, let’s dress up quickly.”

Qi Luoer had always liked playing with other’s hair, so she was completely confident in her ability to tie hair.

With little effort, she helped Bai Li tie her hair into a slanted bun.

And even left two locks of hair that hung charmingly by the sides of Bai Li’s cheeks.

Her entire person looked elegant and graceful, lovely yet distinguished.

Casually tying her own hair into a flying moon bun, a strand of black hair hung by her ears.

Fine black hair draped over her shoulders, and only the black hair on her head was rolled into a slant, like a bending moon. It was neat and pretty.

Looking at her, Bai Li smilingly said: “Little Luoer, you actually aren’t that stupid.”

Black lines appeared on Qi Luoer’s face. Giving her a knock: “No matter how stupid I am I’m still more intelligent than you! Alright, let’s go!”

Qi Luoer and Bai Li had both been assigned to the Gui class.

By the time they arrived, there were already quite a few people in the class.

The cunning and unreasonable Li Chongzi was also present.

Seeing Qi Luoer and Bai Li entering together, she snorted and turned away.

Ignoring her, Qi Luoer found a seat and sat down.

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