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66. I'll help you wear your clothes, you help me tie my hair

She glanced weakly at last night's main offender. Bai Li's eyes were lightly closed, her long eyelashes drooping as she slept extremely soundly.

What a picturesque scene of slumber!

Alas, a beauty would always be a beauty, even when sleeping.

It made her jealous.

Lifting the quilt, she got out of bed. On the table, there were two sets of pale-purple female clothing; its style was simple yet elegant.

It was said that this was the uniform most junior disciples wore when they first enter the Purple Cloud Clan.

Lifting up a set of clothes, Qi Luoer couldn't resist throwing a glance at Bai Li.

En, she still hadn't woken up.

She heaved a sigh of relief. Even though they were both women, she still did not want to let Bai Li see her changing her clothes.

She wasn't sure why that was so. It was probably because of Bai Li's terrific figure?

She put on her clothes hurriedly.

Sigh, clothes from ancient times were so troublesome, they had to be put on piece by piece.

After fumbling with them for quite some time, she finally managed to put the clothes on tidily, albeit with great effort. Yet the feeling that her clothes were wrinkling, and she not being able to straighten them right was bugging her constantly.

Inadvertently looking back, she saw Bai Li lying languidly on the bed with her head propped up on a hand, a smiling expression could be seen within her eyes.

囧!When did this fellow wake up?

Feeling a little embarrassed, Qi Luoer put on a poker face: "Since you've already woken up, then why aren't you getting out of bed? Today's the first day of classes. If you're late for class you may get hit by the instructor!

Bai Li lazily stretched her waist: "Uu. Hugging Little Luoer to sleep was really comfortable, it's been a long time since I had such a good sleep."

Comfortable, comfortable my ass!

She was tired to death!

Qi Luoer stared at her out of the corner of her eye and made up her mind to not talk to her for fear that she would get so angered by her that her menopause would come early.

Bai Li circled around her, clicking her tongue: "Tsk, tsk, Little Luoer definitely stands out from the masses. The exterior of this robe has a really unique style… and it's kind of elegant seeing this girdle wrapped between your arms as well. "

囧!She made a mistake!

Although Qi Luoer's skin was quite thick, at this moment her little face couldn't help but redden.

She wished she could dig a hole in ground and crawl inside.

Bai Li slowly and methodically put on her clothes.

Glancing at Qi Luoer, Bai Li saw that she was still struggling with her clothes.

The urge to laugh could be seen within her eyes: "Little Luoer, I'll help you put on your clothes and you help me tie my hair alright?"

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