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62. No direct contact even between woman

Closing the room door, Qi Luoer glanced at the main culprit of tonight's incident, and spoke with a bit of resentment: "Causing a world-shaking commotion because of this little bit of pain, this time we've disturbed everyone and have probably made a fool of ourselves."

Bai Li had a wrong expression on her face: "It was you who used too much force and caused me to feel so much pain! I couldn't take it anymore so I cried out…."

Swoon! Why did she have to speak so ambiguously! It sounded too indecent!

Qi Luoer almost cried. Why couldn't she have gotten a normal roommate, aaaah!

This Bai Li, could it be that there was a problem with her sexual orientation?

To prevent herself from being angered to death, Qi Luoer automatically filtered out Bai Li's words, strengthening her resolve to ignore her.

Minding her own business, she got onto her bed: "Alright, it's already late! Quickly sleep!" She covered her face with her pillow.

"Little Luoer, Little Luoer…." Bai Li softly called out.

Qi Luoer pretended to be asleep, ignoring her.

"Little Baoer, Little Baoer….." Bai Li changed her form of address.

Huff! Qi Luoer jumped up: "You're not allowed to call me that name! Bai Li, what exactly do you want?!"

No matter how good her self-restraint was, Qi Luoer couldn't take it anymore!

She had overused her strength during the day and had been tormented by Bai Li during the night, she was physically and mentally exhausted! Even if she was a clay doll, fire could've been rubbed out!

Bai Li's eyes roamed about: "I… I'm scared to sleep alone."

Qi Luoer glared at her: "Once you get used to it, you won't be afraid anymore!"

"But… But I'm afraid that if I don't sleep well tonight, I might get muddle-headed and accidentally expose your secret…"

The corner of Qi Luoer's eyes and mouth started twitching, countless black lines slid down her face.

This girl, this was obviously a naked threat!

Qi Luoer clenched and unclenched her fists: "What exactly do you want?"

Bai Li's line of sight wandered. Her eyes narrowed slightly, bringing with them the boundless colors of spring: "I want to sleep with you. "

"Out of the question!"

Qi Luoer declined without thinking.

"Why not? Isn't it only men and women that aren't allowed to have direct contact, don't tell me that women aren't allowed to have direct contact with each other either? We're both female, are you still afraid of being eaten by me?" Bai Li felt a little wronged and puzzled.

Qi Luoer gave her a harsh look.

Humph, if it was any other normal woman it would be fine, but could this Bai Li even considered normal?

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