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61. A world-shaking yell

It's comfortable huh? Then I will let you feel even more comfortable!

Qi Luoer abruptly pressed down with force. Crack, a soft sound could be heard!

Ah! A high-pitched scream comparable to that of pigs being slaughtered almost split the roof, alarming countless roosting birds.

All the goosebumps on Qi Luoer's body had almost been raised because of her shout.

Hmph, did it hurt that much? She yelled so world-shakingly!

Bai Li's face was deathly white, pointing a slender finger at Qi Luoer, a look of accusation could be seen within her eyes: "You… You…"

Qi Luoer put Bai Li's foot down, and patted her hands together: "Me? What about me? Your ankle was dislocated, if I didn't set it back, how would you get better?"

Taking out a bottle of Bone Setting Ointment, she rubbed it on the afflicted areas.

"Knock! Knock! Knock!" Somebody knocked on their door.

Faintly knitting her eyebrows together, Qi Luoer got up and opened the door. She received a huge fright!

Standing outside the door was a large denomination of people looking around. On their faces there was some shock, puzzlement, and some were even excited and curious…

Qi Luoer : 囧, who would've thought Bai Li's scream would have attracted so many people.

Seriously… It seemed that whether it be the celestial world or the human world, the people's love of gossip was boundless.

They were headed by a disciple of the Purple Cloud Clan that had been on guard duty. He looked at Qi Luoer, then looked at Bai Li who was within the room while frowning faintly: "Was yours the room the scream came from? What's going on?"

Qi Luoer forced a smile: "It's nothing, just that Bai Li sprained her ankle. I was massaging her leg but I probably used too much force. She's afraid of pain so she screamed loudly, disturbing everyone, we're really sorry."

Looking inside the room and seeing that they were both fine, the disciple nodded his head: "It's good that you're okay."

He was unable to resist reprimanding them: "Even though this isn't the Purple Cloud Celestial Mountain, it is still a holy ground of cultivation, you mustn’t make a racket. Be more careful in the future."

Qi Luoer repeatedly nodded her head: " Yes, yes, we will take note of that."

Hearing such a blood-curdling screech, everyone had run over in excitement, wondering if a murder had happened.

After finding out that it was such a small matter, they slowly scattered and returned to their rooms, feeling relieved and a little disappointed.

Closing the room door, Qi Luoer glanced at the main culprit of tonight's incident, and spoke with a bit of resentment: "Causing a world-shaking commotion because of this little bit of pain, this time we've disturbed everyone and have probably made a fool of ourselves."

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