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6. The pretty little boy (6)

So ordinary that it couldn’t be anymore ordinary, how did she look like a spirit monster? The one wearing weird clothes should be him…

Her heart suddenly lurched as she looked at the scenery around her.

When she looked back at the little boy in ancient clothes, a bad premonition attacked her——

She, she couldn’t have died and traveled through time, right?!

She let out a long breath and steadied her mind.

Mustering up the most gentlest and nicest smile, she asked: “Dumpling, do you know where this is?”

The little kid’s eyelashes trembled as he looked at her, replying with a question:” “You don’t know where this is? Then why are you even here?”

Qi Baoer slightly raised her brows. This little kid isn’t simple, huh, so tight lipped.

She wondered which family this kid was from. His background was probably not that simple!

Her head started to slightly hurt again.

She had read a few time traveling novels before. When other people traveled through time, they usually crossed onto a big bed, and usually had a servant girl to pamper them on the side.

Why did she have such bad luck?

To actually cross through to such an old forest area deep in the mountains!

Let’s not talk about almost getting eaten by a leopard, she’d even encountered such a strange little kid.

She had run through this primitive looking jungle for an entire day, but didn’t even see a single person.

So she shouldn’t be lost in near a village.

Then—— Where exactly was she?

He had actually fallen from such a tall height, yet there wasn’t even a single scar on his body. He could—— couldn’t be a spirit monster, right?!

Qi Baoer didn’t know why, but she suddenly thought about the red child from 《Journey to the West》.

She involuntarily took a step back and sized up that little kid.

That little kid had two big, sparkling eyes, and a powdery white face. There didn’t seem to be any abnormalities.

Qi Baoer smiled wryly in her heart. It’s not as if she had Su Wukong’s piercing eyes.

If this little kid was a spirit monster, she just couldn’t see it at all.

He who strikes first prevails, he who strikes late fails! She had to subdue this little kid first!

After being touched by Qi Baoer’s ‘ill intentioned’ gaze, that little kid instinctively sensed danger and took a step back.

Seeing that his guarded little face, Qi Baoer quickly laughed.

Gentling her voice, she crouched down and beckoned him with her hands: “Good dumpling, come to big sis.”

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