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5. The pretty little boy (5)

Qi Baoer slightly stiffened and laughed awkwardly: “You’re awake? Little kid?”

The little kid lazily stretched his waist and stood up.

His big eyes sparkled at her, but he didn’t say a single word.

That beautiful of a child couldn’t be a mute, right?

That’s just way too pitiful!

Qi Baoer loosened her expression and smiled at him: “Little kid? Were you shooting a movie? Why did you randomly fall down here from the sky?”

The little kid slightly raised his brows, yet still did not answer her question.

Patting the dust off his own body. It wasn’t know what kind of material that robe was made of, but he only gently patted it and all the dirt disappeared.

It was tidy to the point where it looked so new that it seemed as if it was a newly washed robe that had just been ironed.

Without even looking at Qi Baoer, he turned around and started to leave.

What a cocky little brat! He had actually ignored her!

“Little brat, I just saved you and you actually give me that attitude?”

Even though Qi Baoer thought that the way this little kid had appeared was really strange and was a little on guard, it was still a little wimp. No matter how strange it was, it wasn’t as if the heavens had flipped over.

And she really wasn’t willing to let a little kid look down on her. After a slight daze, she chased after him.

“Saved me?” That little kid suddenly stopped walking and looked at Qi Baoer with a faint smile.

He said cooly: “Don’t you mean that I’m your savior? If I didn’t crush that leopard to death, you would already be the meal inside that leopard’s stomach.”

He had a clear child’s voice that sounded like pearls dropping on a jade plate, it sounded very pleasant.

How did he know?

Could it be that in the split second the kid fell, he clearly saw what was going on?

Qi Baoer raised her eyebrows and rubbed his head while beaming: “Dumpling, looks like you do know how to talk, I thought that you were a little mute. What’s your name? Why did you suddenly appear here?

The little kid curled the corner of his pink lips, narrowed his eyes, and looked at Qi Baoer: “And who are you? Aren’t you scared that people will think you’re a spirit monster because of your strange clothes and arrest you?

Think she was a spirit monster and arrest her?

Qi Baoer frowned.

To make it more convenient for her to go exploring, she was wearing a white t-shirt.

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