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45. Heavens, could you be more twisted?


It’s Grandpa!

Hah, could it be that she actually just happened to travel back after that fall from earlier?!

This is great!

Qi Luoer smiled so widely that you could not see her eyes.

“Baoer smiled at grandpa! Haha, our Little Baoer smiled at grandpa!”

Her grandpa’s face was filled with surprise, as if he had discovered new land.

Qi Luoer twitched her mouth, why was grandpa speaking as if he was talking to a baby?

She wanted to quickly hop up.

Unexpectedly her hands and legs were restricted, she basically couldn’t turn at all.

Eh, what happened to me?

Qi Luoer opened her mouth to talk, however all that came out were the simple sounds of “yiya, ei”…

Looking at her grandpa, he looked younger than she remembered…

Qi Luoer’s heart sank, she had a bad feeling: “Don’t tell me… I crossed over, back to when I was a child?! ”

Using all her strength, she lifted a hand and brought it to her face.


As if she was struck by a bolt of lightning, Qi Luoer froze.

The hand was small and plump with white and tender skin.

On the back of the hand were a few round dimples, it was as cute as could be.

This —— this is a baby’s hand!

It wasn’t easy for her to cross back over, yet she actually returned to the time she was a baby!

Heavens, could you be more twisted? Playing tricks on me wasn’t enough, huh?!


Qi Luoer’s mind was in turmoil…

She wanted to scream, to vent her anger. Her little hands shook, then she suddenly sat up!

Eh, when she looked at herself a moment ago, it seemed as if she was only about three months old, but why was it that she could sit up now?

Lifting her hand to have a look, it seemed like it had grown quite a bit.

This… Isn’t this a bit too quick?!

Qi Luoer was dumbstruck…

………………………Scene change………………………

At the same time, within the Purple Cloud Clan’s Hall of Heaven and Earth, the eight elders were focusing their attentions on a stone mirror at the front of the hall.

Yun Zhongyue was also present.

Qi Luoer’s every action was projected on the stone mirror.

They saw her be born in that era, mature, and slowly grow up.

Going to school, joining the army, getting selected to join the special forces, her tough training.

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