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44. Baoer, wake up, look at me…

She sneered in her heart: “This Purple Cloud Clan is actually using this method to check everyone’s backgrounds. Heh, heh, they think this can trouble me? Aren’t they going crazy looking for a celestial maiden? Then let me give them a celestial maiden!”

Sweetly hugging on Qi Luoer’s arm, she started walking forward.

The layer of clouds beneath their feet started getting thicker, countless clouds revolved around the two people, slowly submerging them…

The surroundings were filled with thick clouds, practically no one could be seen.


Qi Luoer helpless closed her eyes. If this is how it is, then so be it!

She completely gave up and comfortably flew in midair. It could be as deep as it wants, she didn’t care anymore!

It was unknown how much time had passed, but Qi Luoer was so bored she nearly fell asleep.

Suddenly feeling muddleheaded, she lost consciousness…

“Baoer, wake up, wake up, look at grandpa…”

A voice suddenly came from Qi Luoer’s side, the voice was exceedingly familiar.

Qi Luoer opened her eyes with a shudder.

In front of her was a magnified human face. Greying hair, a face full of wrinkles, but an abnormally hearty spirit, an expression filled with love and devotion that looked towards her.

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