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4. The pretty little boy (4)

Why would such a little child appear in the middle of this forest?

And from the looks of it, he seemed to have fallen from the sky…

She lifted her head and looked all around. In the top was densely covered up, and aside from all that greenery, she couldn’t see anything else.

Eh? What was he wearing?

That little kid was wearing a white colored robe embroidered with a dark gold flowing cloud pattern. His hair was long and scattered. No matter how she looked at it, why did it seem like it wasn’t from the modern era…

Was this child shooting a movie?

But why didn’t she see the director and camera? Or even the other workers…

Where did this little child come from?

Qi Baoer tested his breath. Good, he had only fainted, his life was not in danger.

“Hey, dumpling, wake up, wake up.”

Qi Baoer slapped the little child’s face, and then examined his arms and calves. Good, good, no injuries…

Eh? If they were shooting a movie, then there should be a mark from a hanging wire on his waist.

This little kid actually had nothing on him.

She slightly wrinkled her brows.

Where exactly did this child come from?

The little kid let out a “wuu”, but still didn’t open his eyes.

He wouldn’t have fallen so hard that he had a concussion, right?

After all, falling from such a tall height was no fun matter!

Qi Baoer carried the little child onto her knees.

She rubbed his head, testing if it had grown a lump.

Oh, this little child’s skin isn’t just normally good.

It was so smooth that it make one want to have a bite.

Qi Baoer had always liked children, and had an extreme affinity with children.

At this time, she was a bit suspicious as to where this little kid had come from.

But she still couldn’t help but lower her head to kiss the little kid’s cheek.

Just as Qi Baoer’s lips left the little kid’s cheek, the little kid’s long eyelashes trembled.

Then he opened his eyes.

Qi Baoer did not have time to move away, and had a direct staring competition with the little kid.

Qi Baoer stared blankly for a while.

She didn’t know why, but she saw a faint sliver of a mocking smile in the little kid’s eyes.

This mocking smile flashed for an instant, but still did not escape from Qi Baoer’s eyes.

Was—— Was this an expression that a little kid should have?

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