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37. The pk of two great beauties (2)

Her applause and her way of speech was like pouring oil on a fire, making the purple robed girl immediately jump at her with a palm out: “Cheap slut, you dare to still talk nonsense!”

That white robed beauty eeked.

With a whoosh, she hid behind Qi Luoer’s body: “No good, the bratty princess is out for blood! Little Luoer, save me!”

When the purple robed girl’s slap hit empty air, she was so angry that her charming face had lost all color.

But she was also afraid of Qi Luoer’s martial arts, so she didn’t dare to advance for a while

That white robed beauty behind Qi Luoer made a face.

And grabbed onto Qi Luoer’s sleeves: “Little Luoer, you’re amazing! Even a princess is scared of you. I’ve decided, from now on, I’ll follow you!”

Qi Luoer’s entire face was filled with black lines, it sounded as if she was some big crime boss.

Just as she was about to say something, Yun Zhongyue suddenly came over.

When the purple robed girl saw him, it was as if she saw her savior: “General Yun, you have come at the right time. These two cheap maids was rude to this princess.”

General Yun?

Countless numbers of gazes looked in Yun Zhongyue’s direction. Wasn’t he a guiding disciple from the Purple Cloud Clan? How did he become General Yun?

Yun Zhongyue’s complexion sunk: “Chongzi, you have caused a great disruption! When you are here in the Purple Cloud Clan, there are no divided hierarchies. If you want to remain here, you’ll have to first forget about your status as a princess!

When this Yun Zhongyue had not cultivated the way, he was originally a guard of the imperial army for the State of Tang. It was later on that he wholeheartedly cultivated in the way, and was accepted into the Purple Cloud Clan.

The father of this purple robed girl just happens to the current monarch of the State of Tang, so they knew each other.

Since she was young, Li Chongzi had always liked waving swords and playing with sticks. After hearing that the Purple Cloud Clan was recruiting disciples this time, she was adamant in coming.

Her aptitude was considered to be very good, it was just that she had an arrogant disposition and enjoys stirring up trouble.

A majority of the girls there all hate her, but because of her status and her martial arts, they did not dare to provoke her.

Seeing that she had suffered such a huge humiliation due to Qi Luoer here, everyone had all released some of their steam

Li Chongzi didn’t expect that Yun Zhongyue would lecture her. Her little face instantly became very red, she was angry, but she didn’t dare to speak.

Even though Purple Cloud Clan was situated within the borders of the State of Tang, it was an independent entity.

It was not subjected to any state jurisdiction and would never bow to anyone.

So even though Li Chongzi was extremely furious in her heart, she did not dare to pick a fight.

Just like this, a minor disturbance had passed by, but the enmity between Qi Luoer and Li Chongzi had been established right then.

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