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33. Riding on coattails

Yun Hua was not at all fazed under this sort of scrutiny. His face was a field of calm indifference.

“Yun Zhongyue.” Yun Hua called out.

“Dis… disciple is here.” A ‘sapphire blue robe’ ran over.

His face was a bit flushed. Revered Superior had actually remembered his name. That was too, too exciting!

“Does Revered Superior want me to do anything? This disciple is not afraid of anything difficult and will do it without hesitation!”

This ‘sapphire blue robe’ patted his chest in decisiveness.

“This is Miss Qi Louer, she is also another one who wishes to join our Purple Cloud Clan. Make some arrangements for her.”

Yun Hua instructed indifferently.

Yun Zhongyue glanced at Qi Baoer with a slightly distracted look.

This lady dresses really weirdly!

And was even personally brought here by the Revered Master, where exactly was she from?

Even though his heart was puzzled, he still agreed in a loud voice

Now, everyone present all evenly turned their gazes at Qi Luoer (from here, Baoer’s name shall be Luoer).

There were gazes of admiration, guesses, astonishment, and even envy…

She was a bit uncomfortable. She knew that everyone had misunderstood, but she didn’t feel like noticing it.

Yun Hua had obviously seen everyone’s gazes as well, and he slightly wrinkled his brows.

He continued to instruct: “I picked her up on my way here, everything should be arranged according to the rules. Understand?”

Qi Luoer’s little face darkened. Did handsome Yun Hua have to be this thorough?

It’s not as if she was going to ride on his coattails!

Yun Zhongyue had obviously understood.

He bowed in response: “Yes! This disciple treats every newcomer equally!”

Yun Hua nodded: “Then that’s good.”

With a wave of his sleeve, his body became a ball of silvery light and dashed straight toward the horizon. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared.

“Training in the great way is a challenging journey. Cultivating in righteousness is an unpredictable road. Everyone having the intention to cultivate in the way is a good thing, but not everyone can enter Purple Cloud Clan. This will depend on all of your aptitudes, mentality, and fate…”

Once Yun Hua left, Yun Zhongyue naturally spoke with an assurance that showed his capability and experience.

His vice was clear and sonorous. It drifted through the entire plaza and everyone had clearly heard it.

Among these several hundred people, almost all of them were female. There were only a few males, which were Purple Cloud Clan’s official disciples that were maintaining order.

Furthermore, every female’s appearance were extremely beautiful. They were like red peach blossoms or willows, all striking to the eyes.

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