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32. In an imaginary era, infatuation is aplenty

It was not known how fast he was riding that cloud, but saying that it was as quick as lightning might not be an exaggeration.

Even though its speed was shocking, the ride was extremely steady.

Qi Baoer felt like it was even more steady than riding an airplane.

What was even more rarer was that she could easily touch the other drifting white clouds in the sky near her.

Even if the wind was strong due to their fast speed.

But it seemed as though Yun Hua had let down some kind of barrier on this cloud.

Qi Baoer could only feel a faint breeze…

This kind of sensation was truly too exciting.

Qi Baoer was so excited that her eyes were as bright as the stars.

This kind of wind resisting travel had almost lasted two hours, until she saw a mountain peak soar to the sky in the distance.

The high mountain was immeasurable and directly thrust deeply into the clouds and mist as white clouds lingered around it.

There even seemed to be the sound of a swaying bell in this boundless horizon between heaven and earth.

There was an even taller mountain behind this one, and it was even half floating in the air.

Its peak was indiscernible, and indistinct purple clouds twisted around the mountain.

Countless numbers of pavilions and gardens could be faintly seen on that mountain.

It was a myriad of spectacular ambiences, magnificent and beautiful.

If one gazed into the distance, they would see the bluish mountain peak hidden within the mountain range, clouds and mists.

That mountain peak seemed as if it had reached the heavens…

Qi Baoer enjoyed traveling and had seen many famous mountains and rivers in her lifetime.

But it was still her first time seeing a mountain floating in midair.

Seeing it was hard to swallow.

As they approached closer and closer, Qi Baoer saw many people in various types of clothing tightly grouped together in the distant crowded plaza.

There were no less than three to four hundred people.

Furthermore, there a few dozen people in sapphire blue robes keeping order.

Yun Hua brought her right above the plaza.

“Welcome back to the mountains, Revered Superior!”

“Welcome back Elder Hao!”

All the ‘sapphire blues’ in the plaza flapped and knelt down.

When they kneeled, the noise of the several hundred ‘various types of clothing’ all looked in their direction.

Several hundred gazes landed uniformly on Yun Hua and company.

Many sucked in a breath as they looked them straight in the eye.

Qi Baoer hurriedly hopped down from the cloud.

She obviously knew who those people looked at to have such an dumbstruck expression and wryly laughed in her heart.

Looks like in an imaginary era, infatuation was still aplenty

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