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31. Clap to promise

He seemed to be explaining: "That is Purple Cloud Mountain's outer mountain, the place where all the new disciples cultivate. You will be cultivating together with them, and if you pass the test after a month, you will then be able to officially become a member of our Purple Cloud Clan."

Qi Baoer was stupefied. She wasn't afraid of the evaluation.

She always had an unyielding personality, and she was down for going there.

So she would do her utmost and wasn't afraid that she couldn't enter…

She turned her wide eyes and looked at Yun Hua.

Her heart moved as she laughed: "Clan Master Yun, if I pass, could you be my master?"

Yun Hua slightly creased his brows but didn't say anything.

Hao Yunzhong laughed on the side: "Little girl, you're thinking too wishfully! Revered Superior had long since declined to accept any disciples."

Qi Baoer's little face collapsed: "Oh…"

Yun Hua glanced at her, and faintly said: "It'll depend on how you perform. If you do exceedingly well, I'll think about it."

Qi Baoer's eyes brightened as she extended a little hand: "Okay! We'll clap to promise!"

Yun Hua stared blankly for a while, yet still had delightedly stretched out his hand.

And hifived her.

Following a 'clap!' sound, the promise was established.

Even though Qi Baoer was a woman, due to her three years as a special forces soldier, her little hand was filled with rough calluses.

Moreover, due to her quick climb up the cliff, a few bloody blisters were on her little hands.

There were currently dirt atop her hands, and it appeared blackish.

As for Yun Hua's long and slender hands, they were as fair as jade.

The two hifived each other.

One black and one white, setting each other off nicely.

Hao Yunzhong rode a cloud behind Yun Hua.

When he saw this scene, he was so shocked that he almost fell off his cloud!

Since when did the ice cold Revered Superior Yun also have such a boyish spirit to him?

As he looked at Qi Baoer's dirty and filthy little hand, a hint of amusement flashed past his eyes.

With a slight tap of his finger, all the dirt on Qi Baoer's body disappeared without a trace.

Qi Baoer as so clean that it seemed as if she had just taken a bath.

"What kind of technique is this? So miraculous!"

Qi Baoer widened her eyes.

"A little cleansing technique, nothing much. If you properly cultivate well, you would also learn this."

Yun Hua calmly explained.

It was not known how fast he was riding that cloud, but saying that it was as quick as lightning might not be an exaggeration.

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