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30. A mentality that would not yield nor cry until death

At the moment, she had no strength left at all.

She simply just hugged the cloud, not willing to release it.

When she heard Yun Hua's question, she calmly shook her head: "I'm alright."

For a female to stay calm in this type of situation was truly quite rare.

A hint of admiration flashed past Yun Hua's eyes.

But he remained calm on the surface: "May I ask why miss has chased us?"

Qi Baoer didn't want to beat around the bush, as she spoke in the ways of people from ancient times: "Forgive me having eyes but not seeing. I didn't know that you were celestials, but now I have changed my plans. I wish to enter your Purple Cloud Clan to learn the arts.

When she was chasing after them, Yun Hua had already guessed her objective.

He heard her say it as he watched her.

Even though her appearance wasn't that of a city destroying beauty, it made one feel comfortable when looking at her.

A pair of pitch-black shiny eyes like crystals that seemed to contain the entire starry sky within them.

Even though she was currently exhausted to the point of being paralyzed on the cloud, her little face had on a mentality that would not yield nor cry until death.

He shot her an indifferent glance: "Why do you want to join our Purple Cloud Clan?"

Qi Baoer desperately thought back to all the mysterious fantasy stories' bold and visionary words and then decided to use one.

Straightening her chest to make herself look a bit imposing, she said: "Of course it's to eliminate demons and defend the traditional principles…"

Yun Hua looked at her coolly: "Speak the truth!"

Oh, fine.

Qi Baoer slumped down. Let alone the great clan master Yun Hua, even she herself thought that the great words coming out of her mouth sounded fake.

She raised her head to look at Yun Hua, and saw that his eyes were as ice cold as water, yet she couldn't see any happiness or anger.

After sighing, she decided to speak the truth: "When I arrived in your lands, I had neither kin or relatives. Since this world have celestials such as yourself, then there must also be spirit monsters. Even though I know a few superficial martial arts, they are not enough to even be a poke of a finger to you celestials and monsters."

She shot a furtive glance at Yun Hua's expression.

Mn, still normal.

"I need to find a good supporter. Even though I am a mortal, I still do not want to associate with demons, so finding you guys just happens to fit in my plans."

Yun Hua seemed as if he didn't expect that this girl would be so blunt.

His face twitched slightly, showing a hint of an indescribable fondness for this girl's straightforward disposition.

His face was still as indifferent as before: "There is a very difficult test if you want to join our Purple Cloud Clan. I'll bring you over to White Cloud Mountain."

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