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3. The pretty little boy (3)

If she wasn't careful enough, she'll fall down half dead…

Seeing the sun slant towards the west, she was already at a deadlock with this leopard for a full three hours.

This leopard was calm and easygoing, it still did not have any intent of withdrawing.

"Leopard, my brother, can you not waste time with me? I don't really have much meat on my body, probably barely enough for it to get stuck between your teeth. Its been so long, and you might even catch a wild boar to eat, so please don't waste your precious time on me…"

Qi Baoer suddenly discovered that she had the potential to become a monk, she was actually having a chat with a leopard——

No choice, if she didn't have a way to divert its attention away from her, she'll probably just fall asleep here…

That leopard twisted its head and ignored her.

"Looks like my only choice is to fight!" Qi Baoer's eyes flashed with a smear of killing intent.

If she didn't want to be the leopard's food, then she had no other choice but to kill it!

She'll think about the jail part afterwards. She had to save herself first.

"Whoosh!" A burst of wind blew, and a strange white thing fell down from who knew where!

It just so happened to coincidentally drop directly on the crouching leopard's body!

Caught off guard, the leopard was smashed head-on.

Along with a wretched howl, it fell off the tree with the white thing!

Bang! Bang!

After the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground and the leopard's last wail came from under the tree, there were finally no other sounds of movement.

All of this happened too fast. Before Qi Baoer had time to react, everything under the tree had already settled…

What kind of thing rescued her?

Qi Baoer blinked in confusion and looked down.

She immediately stared, in a daze.

Below the huge tree, that leopard was motionlessly lying in place.

And next to the leopard's body, was actually a little curled up person. It was not known whether he was dead or alive.

Her heart thumped. Not caring about the consequences, she hurriedly slid down the tree.

In spite of her legs going soft, she ran to the little person's side.

Only when she was near enough did she see that the little person was only four or five years old.

Even though his little face was a bit dusty, his skin was undamaged and cute like white jade.

His long fanlike eyelashes covered his eyelids. It was actually a dumpling-like, extremely beautiful cute little boy!

Why would such a little child appear in the middle of this forest?

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