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29. Making one so comfortable that they want to heave a sigh

Qi Baoer said hurriedly: "Hey, Celestial, I say, Lord Celestial, wait for me."

Without regard about the consequences, the flying tiger claw suddenly flew out, neatly grabbing onto the cloud under Yun Hua's feet.

Yun Hua slowed.

This girl sure had a lot of nerve!

Eh? It's so flexible and tough, but it didn't fall down.

Qi Baoer didn't care about whether it was dangerous or not, as she crawled up towards the flying tiger claw.

Yun Hua's eyes flashed as he continued to ascend upwards.

Except that there was one other person hanging along the cloud, moving about, which was alarmingly dangerous.

Luckily, Qi Baoer had some parachuting experience and treated this as if she was hanging off a helicopter.

The green forest below her grew smaller and smaller as it became less distinct.

At this time, she had already crawled up to the cloud base under Yun Hua's foot.

She gritted her teeth, trying to use her last bit of strength to turn her body and climb atop the cloud.

Unexpectedly, she had already used up all her energy, and her feet had gone numb.

She stumbled once, and then dropped down!

Falling from such a high altitude was not a sensation that she had not gone through many times.

But this time, she was actually falling off, without any parachute that she could open.

As her fell down a meter, it was as if her weight had multiplied by three.

With her current elevation and speed at which she was falling, it was cerain that she was going to become a meat patty.

Sigh, I didn't expect that when I traveled through time, I would actually fall to my death!

Qi Baoer tightly closed her eyes as she hazily mocked herself in sorrow.

Before that idea had finished going through her head, a white silhouette flashed before her eyes.

She had already landed in a warm embrace.

She opened her eyes in surprise, directly looking at Yun Hua celestial, handsome countenance.

A hint of a faint smile could be seen from the corner of his lips.

As he ruthlessly dazzled Qi Baoer's eyes, it seemed as if all had gone still…

His eyes were as deep as the ocean, as bright as the stars, like the sunsets in "", like great majestic fireworks that made Qi Baoer go into a trance.

"Miss Qi, are you alright?"

The jade shattering voice resounded, and Qi Baoer, who had finally managed to retrieve her soul back, lost it again.

After a slight daze, did she realize that she was currently standing atop the soft cloud.

Even though that cloud was a lump of softness, once someone stepped on, it made one so comfortable that they want to heave a sigh

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