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28. Bumping into a celestial in the daytime!

With a wave of his hand, mist had suddenly condensed below his feet.

Instantly forming into a white cloud.

Under Qi Baoer’s dumbstruck gaze, he waved toward Hao Yunzhong: “Let’s go.”

That white cloud slowly floated up with him on it…

Ce… Celestial!

Heavens, she actually bumped into a living celestial in the daytime!

She had actually traveled to a world with sword celestials!

Her ordinary lifestyle finally had an unordinary moment!

And she had even rejected them!

What was that saying about having eyes but no sockets? They were talking about her!

If she was accepted into their clan by a celestial, then she would live wonderfully for a long time.

Even if she couldn’t cultivate high grade techniques, they would at worst return her back to her era, right?

In this instant, Qi Baoer regretted so much that she almost wanted to scratch walls!

She hurriedly hopped up, and called out: “Wait—— wait, big brother celestial, wait!”

The ascending duo’s magic clouds were really fast.

How could Qi Baoer so readily allow them to leave?

They had immediately ascended over the cliff. She didn’t know how to soar on clouds, but she was nevertheless an expert at rock climbing.

She quickly took out the flying tiger claw and tossed it. It firmly grasped on a large boulder, and scratched at it.

Her speed was shockingly fast, and in almost a blink of an eye, she had already climbed up a large section of the wall…

This high cliff was more than several hundreds of meters tall. Yun Hua watched her scale the cliff with the nimbleness of a monkey. Light flashed within his eyes, but he did not say anything.

The ascension rate dwindled by a bit.

Hao Yunzhong looked at the revered master: “Revered Superior…”

As if he wanted to say something.

Yun Hua waved his hand, hinting that he did not need to talk.

When Qi Baoer saw the two levitating at a not so far distance, she increased her speed.

She was anxious about them disappearing on her.

As she climbed up, she took in a deep breath, and did not dare to say anything.

She used all her limbs to increase her speed to the maximum.

Even though Qi Baoer’s climbing skills were quite good, this cliff was just a bit too high.

She continued urgently climb, and when she finally climbed up to the summit, both her hands were already bleeding from blisters.

Her clothes were drenched in sweat as her entire person seemed to steam.

She was so tired that she almost lost all her strength.

But the two didn’t seem to have the slightest intent of stopping their flight as they still continued to advance upwards.

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