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27. That unlucky kid stole all my possessions and ran away

Hao Yunzhong watched her suddenly look like she had lost both her parents.

He was a bit puzzled: “What’s wrong?”

Qi Baoer said dispiritedly: “That unlucky kid stole all my possessions and ran away!”

Good heavens, her compass, her binoculars, her little alarm clock.

And even all those food that she couldn’t eat in this world anymore…

That pretty child was actually a little thief.

Qi Baoer almost wanted something crazy to happen. She wanted to cry, but had no tears.

She quietly took down the tent and carefully folded it into the knapsack…

Hao Yunzhong glanced at the Revered Master, and sound transmitted: “Revered Superior, this girl is weird, the things she uses are also weird, could she be the celestial maiden?”

Yun Hua muttered to himself for a bit, ignoring Hao Yunzhong’s question. He glanced at Qi Baoer: “Miss Qi, where are you heading to?”

Heading to?

How should I know?

Qi Baoer’s entire face had darkened. She smiled wryly, and then said: “I’ll—— take a look around.”

She didn’t even know what was outside of this forest, so she could only answer this vaguely.

“Then—— how about coming to our Purple Cloud Clan?”

Yun Hua suddenly said those kinds of words.

And almost scared Hao Yunzhong out of his wits.

Purple Cloud Clan wasn’t a place where one could just randomly waltz in, and this was actually an invitation from a clan master.

This woman was just too lucky!

Yet Qi Baoer only wrinkled her brows.

She was still completely in the dark about the things in this world and didn’t know what was what.

Even more so, she didn’t know what kind of ‘thing’ this Purple Cloud Clan was.

It could even be some sort of criminal organization for all she knew.

And since they invited her on their first meeting, they were bound to not be a big faction.

They might even be similar to those multi-level marketing gangs in the modern era, and were fooling her to join them…

She muttered to herself for a bit, and then tactfully declined: “Forget it, this is my first time here. It’s best for me to take a look around first. We can talk after I have a look around.”

This woman actually declined!

Hao Yunzhong stared at Qi Baoer with shock, looking at her as if she was not eating a bun that had been placed in front of her, and was an idiot who went to nibble a black bun instead.

Yun Hua’s heart stirred. This lady’s origins were quite peculiar.

She actually had no feelings for anything in this world…

He smiled slightly: “Then—— we’ll abide with the lady’s wishes.”

With a wave of his hand, mist had suddenly condensed below his feet.

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