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26. That child—— might not have been human…

It seemed to resemble… resemble his arch nemesis Yue Wushang’s techniques!

Could it be that the little kid was a transformed Yue Wushang?

When he thought it over, he decided that it couldn’t be, Yue Wushang’s demonic arts were nearly unrivaled under the heavens.

If it really was him, how could he have beared to watch two of his subordinates die in front of him?

If it really was him, four of Purple Cloud Clan’s Great Elders wouldn’t have lived to come back…

Qi Baoer saw that they didn’t answer her question. Instead, she saw them exchange glances, as if they didn’t know what to do.

She was in a rush, and couldn’t help but shout: “Hey! What about my question! Why didn’t you answer it? You couldn’t have possibly kidnapped that child, right?!”

Hao Yunzhong’s face was completely overcast as he gave a glance at the little girl shooting her mouth off: “What do you think our Purple Cloud Clan is? What would we do with a randomly kidnapped child?”

Qi Baoer snorted, and replied darkly: “What do I think you Purple Cloud Clan do? You guys might even be bandits specialized in a shady business like child trafficking!”

Before she had let out all of her true feelings, that Yun Hua glanced at her, and looked at her in the eye: “Miss Qi, that child—— might not have been human…”

Not human?!

Qi Baoer heart bounced as she raised her brows: “If he’s not human, what is he? Don’t tell me that he’s some kind of mountain spirit monster, or some kind of ginseng baby.”

Yun Hua looked at her: “No matter what he is, he’s not human. You were put under a drowsing technique by someone, and it was most likely done by that child.”

Drowsing technique?

Qi Baoer went into a daze as her heart moved. She was usually a light sleeper, and she did indeed sleep like a pig this time.

Perhaps she had been put under some kind of a drowsing spell.

Could it really have been done by that child?

She looked at the surroundings, and suddenly saw her deflated knapsack.

Her heart skipped, as if it had been kicked by someone.

She quickly ran over and grabbed it with one hand.

When she opened the zipper, she almost howled in grief.

There was only the small medicine box and the flying tiger claw left, everything else was gone!

It was as if a crow had flown past Qi Baoer’s head.

Hao Yunzhong watched her suddenly look like she had lost both her parents.

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