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25. A police officer interrogating a thief

"Then when did you guys come here?"

Because Qi Baoer was a bit worried about the kid's safety, her words were a bit forward, like a police officer interrogating a thief.

As expected, Hao Yunzhong wrinkled his brows.

He was still an elder of the Purple Cloud Clan, and had never been interrogated like this by a mortal in his entire life!

He stared blankly, but still answered Qi Baoer's question: "We've been here for almost an hour…"

He and the Revered Yun Hua was originally inside Clear Cloud City, which was a hundred fifty kilometers away from here. They had accidentally seen a flashing radiance from where they were and flew over to check the situation.

When they arrived, they had actually only seen a weird looking little tent, and a woman dressed in weird clothes inside that tent.

At first, Hao Yunzhong thought that she was someone from the demon sect.

Then when he probed her aura, he realized that there was not the slightest of demonic aura on her person, she was only a common mortal.

She appeared to have been put to sleep by someone with a dowsing technique.

If Yun Hua had not undone the spell, she would've probably slept here for an entire day and night!

After hearing Qi Baoer mention a child, Hao Yunzhong's heart lurched.

He asked hurriedly: "What did that child look like? Was he extremely pretty, and wore a white robe?"

Qi Baoer widened her eyes: "How do you know? Uncle, have you seen him? Where is he?"

Yun Hua glanced at Hao Yunzhong.

Hao Yunzhong quickly sound transmitted to him through the celestial line: "Revered Superior, that child ought to be the child we had encountered. He was thrown down the cliff by Senior Brother Luo Yinfan, I didn't expect that he would still be alive. As expected of a demon whelp, his life is quite tenacious."

Yun Hua slightly raised his brow.

The news about four of their Great Elders annihilating two of the demon sect's Great Guardians had already been reported to them, including the incident with the little child.

He had even rebuked them for being too excessively harsh.

Even though the child was of the demon sect, he was still a mere child.

So what great evil had he done? How could they have so easily executed him?

As a result, Luo Yinfan had even been punished by him for a month of closed door rumination.

And now, he had heard that the child was the one Qi Baoer had called 'dumpling'.

His heart lurched. The fact that the child had not fallen from such a tall height mean that he wasn't that simple!

Then he remembered the drowsing technique used on that weirdly dressed woman.

That aura had felt somewhat familiar.

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