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24. One must answer the call of nature

As the Vice Clan Master appointed by the revered senior, he had the authority to resolve major decisions within the Purple Cloud Clan.

His celestial arts were undoubtedly the best within Purple Cloud Clan.

He was the only one who could fight with the demon sect master, Yue Wushang to a draw, in the up and coming celestial demon apocalypse.

He was the most reputable celestial superior after Purple Cloud's revered master.

His reputation and status had even far surpassed the current Clan Master, his Senior Brother Ling Xu, by leaps and bounds.

The entire three thousand disciples of the Purple Cloud Clan were extremely reverent towards him.

Aside from Clan Master Ling Xu, there were none who dared to look at him on the same level, let along those common folk of the mortal world. If they saw him, they wouldn't even dare to lift their heads.

In the three worlds, there were none who did not know the great name Yun Hua.

He'd never expected that when this young lady before him had heard his name, she had on an expression that seemed as if she had never heard of it before.

Apart from being awed at his appearance like the majority, she didn't have any other expression.

Her greeting of 'you' and 'I' was as if she was greeting anybody she'd meet on the street.

It was natural, without the slightest of shyness and manners. It simply didn't have any notion of status at all…

That Hao Yunzhong knitted his brows, and opened his mouth with the intent of speaking.

Yun Hua had instead raised an eyebrow, and slightly shook his head at him.

That middle aged uncle could only close his mouth again.

After going past her initial infatuation, Qi Baoer seeme to have suddenly remembered something: "Eh, where's dumpling? Why hasn't he returned for so long?"

When she woke up, this was the situation she had thought had happened:

Even though she did not see the little kid, she knew that one must answer the call of nature. The child had probably hidden himself to relieve himself, so she didn't really mind it much.

But a long time had passed since then, and she still did not see the little kid's silhouette, which made her slightly anxious.

That little kid couldn't have been taken away by some wild animal, right?

Or was he being hidden by the two people in front of her?

She sized up the two in front of her.

That was indeed quite a possibility.

That Hao Yunzhong knitted his brows: "What dumpling? Was there someone else traveling with you, miss?"

"Not really traveling, I encountered that child yesterday. I wasn't assured about a little kid being inside the forest, so I brought him along. Did you guy see him when you came here?"

Hao Yunzhong shook his head: "When we came here, we only saw you, miss."

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