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23. Someone beautiful to this extent, is still considered to be human? (3)

Qi Baoer laughed awkwardly, she obviously could not say the truth: "Haha, this… this was passed down from generation to generation within my family."

It was obvious that this explanation was halfhearted with just a listen.

The middle aged uncle wrinkled his brows as he looked Qi Baoer over: "Passed down? Where is miss from?

Qi Baoer raised her brows and laughed: "I am living away from home at the moment, why is there a need to question my origin? I can live wherever I find comfortable. You have no need to ask me, and I won't ask you, isn't that even better?"

In the modern era, Qi Baoer had watched a bunch of wuxia drama, and was very interested in their classical scripts that she had even recited a few.

She had even used one now, with enough emotion and the appropriate feeling to it.

That Hao Yunzhong stared for a while, but the white clad man raised a brow, and then quietly read out those few sentences.

Then he glanced at Qi Baoer with consideration.

Then he said: "Miss, you have great literary talent and style! May I ask for your name?"

His voice was clear and magnetic, like shattered jade. When she heard that, Qi Baoer's little heart incessantly pounded.

Her heart lurched after hearing his question.

Her old grandfather was an officer and she had six male cousins who were all soldiers.

Her old grandfather had longed for a granddaughter and when she was born, he had finally gotten his wish. She was like his treasure.

Her old grandfather had personally named her.

Everyone had called her Baobao.

In her opinion, this name was really childish, but she was unable to change it.

Now that she crossed over, she could make up a new name for herself.

She needed to make up a fancy one, a name that had poetic grace…

With her eyes expressing a smile, she said: "My name is Qi Luoer, is yours Yun Hua? That name is quite elegant."

At this time, Purple Cloud Clan was extremely famous, it was the celestial world's number one faction.

Usually, commoners would only see a small disciple from the Purple Cloud Clan, and they would already be extremely deferential.

They would usually revere that disciple, and address him as Great Celestial.

Let alone seeing one of this faction's clan masters.

Yun Hua usually resided within Whitejade Bamboo Peak's Drifting Cloud Palace.

He was the third disciple of the previous generation's clan master, Revered Master Ye Tianxiao, and was viewed to be the number one ranked.

His fame and status were world renown, even so much that the entire Purple Cloud Clan's celestial sect was could not surpass him.

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