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22. Someone beautiful to this extent, is still considered to be human? (2)

She’d never expect that in this world, she would encounter two people that sounded like they were from factions within a wuxia story.

And these two were even two big bosses.

One was an elder, and one was vice master.

This uncle called that guy senior master, so that guy should be quite old…

Eh? Judging from his back, he’s still quite young!

“Miss, is this tent yours?”

That white clothed person slowly turned around and asked.

His voice was indifferent yet misty, like a white cloud mountain peak.

When wind-borne, it had a sort of lingering charm.

Not even the world’s most heavenly sound could surpass this.

Shocked, Qi Baoer stared, and was instantly dumbfounded.

It was actually an extremely young face. His nose and eyes might not be the most beautiful, but together, they were shockingly beautiful.

That kind of beauty had already far surpassed one’s facial beauty.

A refined beauty, an otherworldly beauty.

His sleeves fluttered, as if covering up the sun and moon’s light.

All living creatures had become quiet, becoming an ink and wash painting. The sky that was filled with greenery only had his white and never dusty silhouette.

It was as if he walked out of a painting to let Qi Baoer get a good look at him.

Pan An!

Song Yu!


Spirit monster!

In this instant, all the names of all the names of the beautiful men in the past went through her mind.

Based on her thoughts, who the hell cared about some faction’s clan master. Probably was some super stiff guy like Yue Buqun or as straightforward as Zhang Fei!

How could she have thought that it would such a handsome and leisurely person?

In the modern era, Qi Baoer could also be considered a great beauty, but compared to the person in front of her, she was vastly inferior!

Would such a man that was this beautiful even let a woman live?

Qi Baoer went crazy, went stupid, and teared up!

This man had seen the reactions Qi Baoer was showing many times before. He was no longer fazed since long ago.

He only raised an eyebrow.

And then asked again: “Miss, is this tent yours?”

Fortunately, Qi Baoer had only blanked out for a few seconds, and finally answered him.

Breathing in deeply, she replied: “Mn, it’s mine? Is there something wrong?

A faint light flashed past the white robed man’s eyes, as he said casually: “This young lady’s tent is quite odd, I wonder where it came from?”

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