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21. Someone beautiful to this extent, is still considered to be human?

A voice that was calm and magnetic.

His appearance shouldn’t be that frightening, right?

Why did this miss look as if she’d seen a ghost?

Qi Baoer was frightened to the point where her body was drenched in sweat, then she was thoroughly awake.

It was then that she clearly saw that there wasn’t any housefly. Standing before her was a middle aged uncle.

Wearing a long sky blue robe and currently staring at her with wrinkled brows.

Qi Baoer immediately went into a daze.

If she were to see that kid, she would still be a bit suspicious about whether or not she had crossed through, but now that she saw this ancient clad uncle, her suspicions had become cleared smoke.

She wrinkled her brows, and then remembered that she had spent the night here with that little kid.

She couldn’t endure it any longer when dawn came, and took a nap…

Eh? Wasn’t this forest suppose to be uninhabited? Who’s this guy in front of her?

Don’t tell me that I’m dreaming about someone rescuing me?

She couldn’t help up look around at her surroundings. The forest was still that forest.

Her own travel tent was still there——

Eh? Where’s the kid?!

Where’d he go?!

And—— and who was this white robed man standing before her tent with his back to her?

Was he studying her tent?

Qi Baoer made a 囧 face!

She was originally a light sleeper, if there was any signs of movement, she could easily wake up.

Why did she sleep like a pig today?

She didn’t even know when these two living people came here.

If her captain were to know of this, he’d scold her non-stop!

Qi Baoer secretly sucked in a breath of air and tried to be calm: “Who are you guys?”

The middle aged uncle slightly raised his eyebrows and looked at Qi Baoer.

Yet did not answer her question: “Miss, where are you from? Why did you suddenly appear in such a dense forest?”

Qi Baoer’s mouth twitched, and said coldly: “Uncle, I was the one who asked first, alright? How about you answer me first?” That middle aged uncle stared blankly, and did not expect this young lady to speak so straightfowardly.

After a short while of being dazed, he answered: “We—— we’re from the Purple Sun Clan. That one is our Purple Cloud Clan’s Vice Clan Master —— Senior Master Yun Hua. This humble one is Hao Yunzhong, and is an elder of the Purple Sun Clan…”

Qi Baoer widened her eyes.

Purple Sun Clan?

Sounded like a faction name in a wuxia story.

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