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20. You don’t need to thank me too much

It was not known what Yue Wushang’s pouch was made of.

So many items had been put inside, yet it was still as deflated and palm sized as before.

After he finished taking everything, Qi Baoer’s originally bulging knapsack was only left with the flying tiger claw and those medicines.

It looked like a punctured balloon.


Yue Wushang patted the knapsack, confirming that there were no other things he could take.

After that, he stretched contently.

Alright, this little girl’s travel bag has considerably lightened.

Such a dainty little exquisite thing did not need to carry such heavy things like a snail.

He had done a good deed, this shall be considered to be the favor he granted her for saving him…

He easily tucked the pouch inside his sleeve.

He beckoned his two subordinates with a beaming face: “You two can go back now. When you go back, tell the little animals here to now disturb this girl’s rest.”

He glanced at Qi Baoer, who was deep in sleep: “Little girl, look at how this king is being so considerate to you. You don’t have to thank me too much.”

After he chuckled, his sleeve fluttered and he vanished in place…

“Miss, wake up.”

“Miss, wake up.”

Qi Baoer was idling in a sea of flowers within her dream.

In front of her eyes, a large house fly buzzed around her in circles.

Disturbing her, making her involuntarily slap it away: “Scram!”

In this slap, she unintentionally used a bit of Taekwondo. For her, hitting a house fly with a one hundred percent accuracy was easy.

But unexpectedly, this large housefly was quite slippery, and this palm strike had actually hit empty air.

Not only that, this housefly suddenly extended a huge hand, and instantly held onto her wrist.

Making her unable to slap again.

“Spirit monster!” Instantly shocked, Qi Baoer immediately opened her eyes.

In front of her was actually a magnified human face.

Dense eyebrows, starry eyes, a wide nose, a square face, and tensed lips…

Ugh! This housefly actually had the face of an uncle!

Qi Baoer immediately leapt up.

She leapt with such speed and urgency that she narrowly knocked into the uncle face.

Fortunately, that human faced monster seemed to have retreated back three steps, which prevented a fate where they would collide.

That ‘uncle face’ knitted his brows: “Miss, what’s wrong?”

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