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2. The pretty little boy (2)

She couldn't see the sunlight if she lifted her head and couldn't see the ground even if she lowered it…

And it looked like the jungle she had first been in before she had started walking.

Fortunately, she had come out to explore, there were a lot of travel essential items in her knapsack. There were obviously provisions and drinking water, so she wouldn't be thirsty or go hungry today.

Her leg strength wasn't too bad. After walking for an entire day, she'd at least walked over ninety kilometers.

But unexpectedly, she still could not see the jungle's boundary.

This caused her to be a bit panicked and suspect that the compass in her hand was broken, making her walk in circles in this jungle…

This primitive jungle had all sorts of wild animals.

Qi Baoer walked cautiously, and just when she was rejoicing over the fact that she had not encountered a large carnivorous beast, she unexpectedly bumped directly into a leopard!

It was practically an instinctive reaction; using her limbs, Qi Baoer quickly climbed up a nearby large tree at flying speed.

Just as she was rejoicing that she did not learn martial arts in vain, she actually saw the leopard climb up after her.

It was then she realized that leopards could actually climb trees!

Good thing for her quick intelligence and adaptability, for she immediately climbed towards a comparably thin branch.

Qi Baoer was petite and nimble, she was lighter than the leopard by many times.

She continously trembled while standing on that slender branch.

That leopard had just climbed up, and that branch shook like a level ten earthquake.

And even released a cracking noise, as if it was about to snap…

At this time, one person and one leopard were extremely far away from the ground.

If this branch really snapped, even if one were as strong as a leopard, they would still end up injured.

This leopard had lived in this forest for a long time, so it obviously knew that too.

Which was why it did not dare to take another step further, but it was not willing to abandon this delicacy.

Since it was stayed in place, it was stuck with Qi Baoer.

This had become a deadlock.

Qi Baoer had an extreme painful headache.

Even though she learned martial arts, she had only wrestled against humans, never with large carnivorous wild animals.

She didn't know if she was this leopard's match.

Besides, weren't leopards like these considered second class national-level protected animals?

If she killed it, she might even end up in jail…

She had already walked for an entire day, and was exhausted since long ago. At this time, even her limbs had weakened.

If she wasn't careful enough, she'll fall down half dead…

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